When All We Know Is All We Know

If our reality is all we ever know, then how do we change our reality? It begins with a mere thought. However, without action, this thought fizzles away just as the rest of them.

With ideas of change floating around in our head, instinctively two things happen: the ego comes in and says no you cannot; the Spirit says yes you can. The dilemma here is the ego takes over. With a dominating force keeping you from attaining a new reality, we are stranded in all we know.

Work out: we need to work out our mind, body and spirit. One cannot attain goals of fitness, without a little training. One cannot lose weight, without a little attention of altering one’s diet. In a spiritual sense one cannot attain a new reality, without applying a new diet…A diet of faith, hope, love…Love for oneself.

Hard Work: With a little elbow grease, any one person can obtain a new reality. From our current reality, to new reality…In a single thought. With our thoughts, actions and spirit, we are sure to change our reality.

Just a reminder: tell no one of your plans. Keep these plans between you and universal life force. In telling another soul, we run the risk of interjecting their reality with ours. If we are not strong enough to rise above their reality, then theirs becomes ours.

Remember to write these things down: In writing down our thoughts, we can apply mile markers as we journey to our new reality. With every milestone, we should celebrate. In celebration we ignite an eternal flame…a flame sparked by the Divine.

Listen to nobody: Listening to nobody, not even myself, attaining your own reality. In doing so you raise your vibration to that of self-realization, allowing yourself to attain your set goals. When you attain your goals, the conversations begin…i.e. “Wow, how did you do that?” When you enter your new reality, you may encounter new friends, new ideas… Embrace them all. Embracing our new reality, we embrace all there is.

Sharing our gratitude: In sharing our gratitude along the way whether on a high or on alone, we keep the momentum going… The direction of positivity. Without gratitude, we allow the ego consciousness to take over. With this consciousness, we experienced fear, anger, lack of self-worth. In gratitude we are whole.

Stepping into the canvas with a knowing of the unknown. Changing our thoughts from our current reality, by faith, we enter a new reality. Whether we know the direction headed or have an idea, stay the course… You are headed in the right direction.