The Warrior’s Way

In every one of us there are two sides: the Pilgrim, often lost but continuously searching for peace; the Warrior, who is found working as usual while instilling Peace.
Many remain pilgrims searching for eternal peace and a small few become Warriors. While it is available to all few will accept this new reality, failing to find truth in their daily lives. Those who find truth create a new path in life…the path of a Warrior; those seeing false reality as truth, remain as pilgrim…lost and afraid.

Accepting the Warrior’s way, living in the authentic self, opinions of others no longer matter. The only opinion needed is our own. Carl Jung believed in two stages of life: the morning, which is the first thirty to forty years and the afternoon, which is the second half. The morning of our lives is usually lived blindly, accumulating as much stuff we can. While the afternoon is reserved for letting go of the past and adopting a new belief system that focuses only on the self.  No longer subscribing to what others tell us, we begin living the way we want to.

As soon as we rid the 10,000 thoughts running through our heads, focusing only on what we want in life, our neurotransmitters within the brain reconnect to new pathways. Thoughts of happiness, thoughts of success, thoughts of “I can do this,” thoughts of “I am whole.” Personally, as the 10,00 things dissipated, my writings began to flow more freely, allowing me to clear even more items of thought. Not sure how it evolved, but my writings often spoke of two sides to every situation and the Pilgrim versus Warrior analogy began. Often resulting in the Pilgrim versus Warrior comparison. What keeps you from applying what you know? Is it the self-defeating thoughts? Do you align with the Pilgrim or are you well on the way to being a Warrior?

What would the pilgrim do in any given situation? Since the pilgrim is lost and afraid, living in fear, anger, hate and anxiety, he often finds himself in difficult situations. What would the Warrior do in a given situation? The Warrior walks in confidence, knowing that Love, Light and Life will illuminate a path before her. While the pilgrim trusts external compasses, the Warrior trusts the internal.

After pen to paper, thoughts to reality, a Warrior was born.  Devoted to helping other pilgrims find the path of Warrior, she works night and day in hopes of others taking their first Step into the Canvas. Maybe it is time for you to declare “enough” and begin living as authentic as possible, dissolving all past beliefs, cancelling all subscriptions of present and finally setting your gaze upon a happy future.

Stepping into the Canvas as a Warrior, no longer worried what will be or what others will think. Living authentically, lending a hand wherever needed, the Warrior goes wherever needed and arrives right on time. Stepping in timely fashion, the Canvas of Life transforms into Paradise. Waiting not for Paradise of the after…but embracing it in the present. Today is the day…