The Judgment Of Man


A day does not pass where we witness the judgment of man. Whether ‘they’ are from the right or left, from this group or that, we continue to judge another by the clothes we wear, our skin color, our gender, and the words ‘they’ write. Note: They is a representation of anyone other than ourselves. We often point fingers at someone, saying they did this or they did that.

Instead of one’s judgment, may it turn towards growth…self-growth and growth for another human being. We are not here to judge one another, but here to raise one another up in learning of ourselves. Through the contemplation of self, we not only grow as individuals but as a greater whole.

The following story is based on true events…

A man walked in to an Islāmic cultural center with Bible in hand, in hopes of on Islam. Prior to the studies, the teacher spoke, “The Holy writings of that book, pointing at the Holy Bible, have been changed and misinterpreted for centuries. The Qur’an is the only book that has not been re-translated and misinterpreted. What was spoken at 683 A.D. is now spoken in this time… No changes. While the book is holy, the words have been skewed by man.”

The pupil smiles, “let’s try not to judge one another. Instead let’s learn from each other and grow. We are on the same path, seeking Light.”

Too often we judge another by the books we carry or the clothes we wear, instead we should judge one another by our actions…actions towards fellow human beings.

The same man now with the holy Qur’an under his arms walks into a Christian church for Bible study. You can probably see where this is going…

Noticing the Qur’an under his arms, placing it on the desk before him the pastor lashes out, “that book is not allowed in here. This is our holy writings!” He raises the Holy Bible declaring it as the only holy book.

Again the pupil speaks, “oh ye of little faith. I come here not to cast stones or be cast upon. I come here to be loved and to love one another. Our Holy writings are written in many places, and who are you to judge me by the book I carry?”

The judgment happens in all different planes all different sectors, and sadly continues in our days. The only way to stop judgment is to come together as one. We are one, we are brothers and sisters and we have the same father. Learn from one another, not judge one another. Ironically, both groups have Hippocrates. These Hippocrates, spoil the rest of the Believers.

So why do we judge? Is it a sign of weakness? It is my personal and humble opinion that judgment towards another is a sign of weakness. If an individual is strong in their faith they have no reason to judge another. Being strong in their faith, they recognize we are brothers and sisters as one. Those who choose not to break bread with another shall be prayed for and asked to leave. For it is on this day the Rainbow Warriors shall stand firmly in their belief of “All People as One”, accepting them as Brothers and Sisters are we. Those who stand against the Rainbow Warriors shall be known by their actions and the words they speak.

For it is on this day, we shalt not judge another, but they shall be judged themselves. The Rainbow Warriors shall return Love throughout the land and the ‘others’ shall perish on their own accord. The day has come to Say “No More, No Mas, gaawin geyaabi (Ojibwe for no more)…everything will be irie (Jamaican for everything is alright).”

Stepping into the Canvas with Love, seeing all as one beautiful imperfection…making it perfect! It is through our eyes of compassion we see a greater whole…a collective whole..eliminating judgment. We are one planet, one people…One Canvas…We Are One.