Shoo Fly! Don’t Bother Me.

Ever wonder why they call them bugs, when in fact they are called insects? Same reason we have annoying people entering our lives…to “Bug” us. The lesson here is not in how we can get rid of these pests, but how we can enjoy their wonderful lessons. Eliminating the nuisance, embracing the differences, we dissolve necessity of calling another a “Bug.”

One day, while Ani Po was resting near her favorite tree, she pondered the annoyances of some annoying flies that kept buzzing by her. She began swatting them away, as most humans do…until a change of heart came upon her and she began to invite them in.

Once Ani Po began inviting flies in, ‘bugs’ were dissolved and the true beauty of these sentient beings appeared. Ani Po began to listen to these insects, understanding the wisdom they share. No longer seeing them as “Bugs” but seeing them as their true nature.

As Ani Po pondered these lessons, she began to apply the wisdom to her daily activities. She began to see other people no longer as annoying, but as wise teachers. She learned that not only can she learn how to be, aligning with those who resonate with her most. The same lesson applied to those who did not resonate with her, as she understood who she no longer wants to be.

In applying wisdom of those not aligned with her, she is not ignoring them but she is embracing them. There are wise teachers all around us…those who show us how to be and those who show us how not to be. Either way we can learn from these wise teachers.

Stepping into the Canvas embracing the wise teachers. Seeing others as their true nature, embracing who they are, we begin to see them as wise teachers. Just as a fly was once called a bug, we begin to see them as merely insects…no longer shooing them away…