My Greatest Desire

My greatest desire is to remove the shackles at one’s feet, so they too may soar with Eagles.~Ani Po

In one’s own search for meaning, it is apparent that we all seek meaning and purpose in life. Traveling a darkened road, never really knowing what lay beyond the corner ahead. Until one day it becomes to great a burden to remain in misery, choosing a brighter course.

As we awaken to a new understanding, it does not go unnoticed that many still remain asleep. What do we do? We remain on this path before us, in hopes that others will choose to join us on this journey within the Canvas. Whatever the choice, we continue about our days.

It is not that we mustn’t worry of the others, but invite them along the way. It is not that we are superior or lesser than the aforementioned, but similar in many facets. What we desire holds true for all; what we seek is attainable by all.

Having found this place of joy and endless bliss, may I invite you to share it with another. It is no longer my desire to find happiness…but to find it for another. Holding their space, allowing them to receive that which is given unto us.

my greatest desire