Lending A Hand To Those In Need

As the cycles of man continue, we continue to make similar mistakes as our fathers before. While some learn, others do not…continuing the cycles of greed. In the days of old, Jesus spoke of helping others and often told a story of a Good Samaritan. Whether in past times or present day, the story is the same…

The Good Samaritan was indeed a Samaritan, one hated by Jews of their time. In present day it would parallel to having an Atheist present…one who believes in very little, believing not in God or a Creator…similarly hated by most.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan: In the street lay a person who was beaten and left for dead, but nobody came to the aid of this man. A priest walked by and a Levite. It was the Samaritan, one most hated, who stopped to his aid. We see this in modern-day…

A street person was assaulted by a few ‘Christian’ boys, taking his last possessions and left for dead. It was below freezing, but yet they took a warm jacket off this man.The street person had just received this jacket earlier at a mission, ensuring his warmth through the cold nights when he was not able to camp at this mission.

The street person had just received a warm ‘triple down’ jacket from a local mission. Not realizing the label on the jacket made him a threat to theft, as the jacket was a well-known brand and many thefts were over these named jackets. Sadly, it is the street person who becomes the next victim of crime. With nothing to his name but a free jacket…it is stripped from him by some young boys just coming from church.

Left in the cold, with no protection…he is now close to hypothermia.

Begging for money, so that he can get something to eat…in a warm facility…he grows weaker.

First a Rabbi passes by, turning away from the street person…with thoughts of “get a job.” The homeless person extends his hand to the Rabbi, but the Rabbi passes by.

Second, a Muslim passes by in disgust by the vile filth of this man asking for money. Again the homeless man reaches for a hand, but similar results…too weak, his hand collapses at his side as passer-by continues on.

Thirdly, an Atheist passes by and immediately engages with the homeless man. Extending his hand, the homeless man is met by the Atheist. The Atheist welcomes him and invites him to join him for lunch.

During lunch, the Atheist and homeless man engaged in warm conversation and discussed the circumstances of the homeless man.

The homeless man was once a rich executive, who had it all: money, power, large house, multiple cars, beautiful family of four. One day he chose to follow thoughts of greed: mistress, tax evasion and drunkenness. His life collapsed: his wife left him, taking both kids; lost his job, spent three months in federal prison and nobody willing to help him get back on his feet.

Losing everything, this once executive, he lost all hope of returning to a ‘normal’ life. Giving up, he went to the streets to live in self-misery.

Hearing this story, the Atheist, reaches across the table and takes his hand. Brother, that was the past and today is a new day. I will help you, if you’d like, get back on your feet. Together we will find hope in this horrible story.

The homeless man agrees and goes to live with the Atheist, finding strength to once again find work and live as normal as could be. He repays the Atheist person, who he now calls friend, with a years full of salary. He then vows to give his life to God, assisting in teaching youth to be good stewards of life, loving people as they would like to be treated.

Reflecting on the horrible day of being stripped of his last possession and left to die in the cold, the Homeless man arises to its valuable lesson. Thanks to an Atheist, he was given hope and found God once again.

This story is not meant to point fingers at any person or group, but is meant to point out that there are imperfections in all sectors of religion…the active ingredient in all sectors is Love. We can fall victim to darkened ways, no matter what group we follow, or we can follow The Way…no matter the group we follow.

Be wary of those who claim they are the way…for they are not the way. Those who follow The Way do not speak of The Way…they just are. Those pointing fingers at another, accusing them of falsehoods…are merely spreading more falsehoods. Accusing another of not knowing the way, we are in essence squelching the Spirit within the person. We are not to squelch any spirit, but embrace it.

Nature is God’s Canvas. His children are the trees and rolling hills, meeting each other in divine perfection. ~Ani Po

We cannot judge people or another organization without first getting to know them. In the above story, it was the Atheist who took the time to get to know the homeless man. Upon discovering this man lost all hope in living and turn to the streets. Once given an opportunity of hope, the man began to thrive once again, but with a twist for the better. Instead of false self-gratification, he found true self-gratification through giving his riches to others.

Whether barren desert or thriving forest, both are met on the horizon. No judgment, just acceptance.~Ani Po

We can choose to paint a picture of judgment and hate or choose to paint in Love and acceptance.~Joseph

As for me…I will continue my path in Love, stepping into the Canvas…painting as I see fit…