Having An Imperfectly Perfect Day: True Confession

If all you ever knew is what you already know, then is it possible that you are all you know? Whether you are sharing happiness with another or spreading negativity, how would you know what others thought if it is all you ever knew? In life nobody is perfect and we have varying opinions. We may not agree with everyone and they may not agree with you. Get over it. Stepping into the Canvas Imperfectly Perfect today, knowing that you are who you are. However, if someone says to you, “you have been a bit cranky lately,” take it as a sign to find some quiet time. Maybe necessary quiet time or lightening the load is in order. Regardless of the options needed, be open to changes and suggestions made by others. None of us are perfect…we are all imperfectly perfect! Have a glorious day!

Confession time…this post was a self-reflection for the past week…believe it or not I was told I was cranky. How do you like that for humble pie?! Wishing you a Syncrosensational Day!