Our Level Of Understanding

Our level of understanding changes with each new step.~Ani Po

From adolescence to adulthood our understanding as to how things work can change drastically as we come to know truth in the present moment. Our understanding of things comes with a knowing all things change and all thoughts can follow.

We may have been taught one thing as kids, carrying into young adulthood, only to come to a place of knowing that something else exists outside our belief system…challenging our beliefs yet again.

Whatever the case, we come to a place of knowing in our own rights. As we come to a place of knowing, we are challenged by those around us. Whether by their own beliefs or merely their own fear of something else being true. Stay the course. Stay true to the path before you.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new understanding. As we open our hearts to new ideas and beliefs, we begin to understand those around us and how their beliefs fit into this Great Canvas before us. Allowing their Canvas to exist within our own, we coexist as master painters…creating a great Picture of Love can paint a mighty Canvas.

Our level of understanding