Keeping The Momentum Going

As we take the first step into the canvas, embracing change, we pause for a moment…contemplating our next steps. That moment is equally crucial as the first step. It is in these moment we look out to our future…contemplating where our direction.

Today I took another step into the Canvas of Life. Not knowing my own heading in life, but a strong desire to write and help others find their voice within. Today was a treat…as I was asked to be on the Air of At Issue With Ben Merens. We discussed “Living a Syncrosensational Life.” Taking another step, I must reflect on my own lessons…keeping the momentum going…as Ben Merens says, “So it goes.”

Pause for a moment, thinking about where we have been or have gone. May we look to our future with brighter eyes and pure heart, allowing the next steps to freely flow. Take the next step…soon you will be taking others, arriving in a place of bliss.

Reaching out to someone, can ease the burden of taking the first step. Reach out to someone whom you can trust, engaging them into your journey, and allowing them to be  a sounding board or someone to lean on when things get don’t go as planned.

Moving forward, may we face the dark. As we take the first step, contemplating our next, darkened forces throws everything it has to keep you in a place of complacency…stay the course. We have been conditioned long enough and it is time for change. If we continue to subscribe to that which we have learned, then we will remain where we have always been. It is time for change.

Stepping into the canvas as a new day. Today is the day, so get on your way…your life is about to change. Take the first step, contemplate the next and confidently walk forward into a new beginning… A new reality. The days of old have gone, the days of new are here…Step into the Canvas…painting as you see fit.

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