For it is Written

For it is written, we shall see.

From beginning to end, that is the way.

Think or feel, hear or touch.

I am no longer present nor am I absent.

I have come and I have gone.

Time spins and time stands still.

What if or it is so.

For today I shall not see with my own, but with another.

Into the void of nothingness: no thought no mind.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

I am here. But where is here?!

It is wherever I say it is and whatever it shall be.

Not remembering a thing, no longer learning and growing.

Simply knowing there is nothing else to be done.

Stepping into the Canvas with a brighter outlook. No longer bothered by our neighbor or the days before, we are free to choose how we perceive our own. That which is written…so shall it be…

brighter outlook