Finding our Way

Feet on the Beach

As we search for eternal happiness, we often turn to books, seminars, expensive programs only to find a common thread…our happiness was with us the whole time. All of the writings will guide us in the same direction…towards stillness and awareness of our own hearts. How do we get there?

It is a simple journey that connects the mind with the heart. The distance between the two is very short, but the time it takes us to get there can often take a lifetime to achieve. We merely need to sit quietly with ourselves, with openness to what may be, allowing the shift within the self to take place. Once we take the first steps, our lives will never look the same.

All of the books, seminars, teachers, gurus, even Stepping into the Canvas are merely catalysts to what is already inherited within the self. Our self-realization may not be obvious, but as we seek…we shall find. Whatever the catalyst, may it resonate and guide us to that which we most desire.

Our own journey can lead us in many directions. It is said the destination is not the goal, but it is the process which matters most. The process exists only within the mind and we need only look within to find resolution to our great questions within the Canvas of Life.

While some will state focusing our lives on that of positivity is merely naive thinking and we are dreamers for these ideas, others will dare us to take the challenge. Try it for one week, see what happens. For one week, apply a filter to your voice…only sharing positive thoughts. As we begin sharing positivity, we begin receiving only positivity…continuing the Dance with Inspiration.

Stepping into the Canvas with a sense of knowing, letting go of what was, we accept what could be. Accepting what could be we accept the limitless possibilities, no longer subscribing to what the others may say we should follow or do. In doing so, we arrive…finding our way…knowing the way…living Happily Ever After.

sunset on beach