Defining our Canvas

Yesterday, I went to visit an old friend. It is strange because I have not seen him in twenty-eight years. I say “it is strange” loosely, as I know nothing is a mistake. So why did I go visit him? It happened because I merely heard a voice whispering his name.

After hearing his name, all sorts of memories came forward. As joy and sadness assist recalling these stories, I immediately find myself in a healing circle. In healing circles, or talking circles, it is a sacred moment where we share our deepest thoughts to whatever we are called to discuss. Often happens in a group setting. These memories, did just that and I was having my own personal talking circle with others who are thought to be of spirit.

Having the afternoon off, I thought “I have time if he does, I will give him a call.” So I did. Hey Bob, this is Joe…got a minute? “Joe?! From my childhood Joe?!” Yes, that Joe. “Dude, how the Hell are you?”

We talked for a little bit and he invited me to his place of work for a chat. Now my head mind is trying to figure out, as I am driving to his shop. He is a master painter, who creates masterpieces for others. Sharing his gift, he is helping others find their happiness.

So I find his place of business, as I know the neighborhood very well. It’s in the neighborhood we both grew up in. As we meet each other on the street he asks, “so what made you call?” I am not sure, but there is always a reason from my experience. “That is just too weird…not more than five minutes before you called I was thinking about you.” We enter his paint shop.

As we reminisce our past, he excitedly shows me the process of his work. “I am not a fast-food restaurant and my work often takes months for one project to complete. It is a process that cannot be rushed…just like life, we shouldn’t rush it.” I bet customers get antsy? “They do but I remind them the work I do is a symbol of their life moving forward. Have patience, take time to enjoy that which you already have and for goodness sake stop being in such a rush!”

Hearing him speak of his passion for creating works of art, it was just so exciting for me…although I still am unaware as to why I called him. Will I see him again? Will we talk about re-creating more of the Canvas of Life? I am not sure of what time will bring, but waking this am I have a bit more understanding as to why I did call him.

I woke from a dream filled with old acquaintances from childhood. At first they were strangers challenging my authenticity of self, but then became acquaintances whom I rode the school bus with in High School. Have you ever had a dream where one scene was of one group of people, the next scene filled with familiar faces? We were at a dinner party and they were talking about things and challenging who I was and where I was going. I also recall being lucid in my dream and thinking “this is why I called Bob! So that I can spark old memories and retrace my steps as to who I am and further pave who I am becoming.”

I know I have written about this before, as to why the importance of retracing our steps or recalling our past life. As we retrace our steps we ultimately recreate our future simultaneously. The whole purpose of talking circles is the same. So in my single encounter with an old friend, my past comes forward and future is redefined. In a single encounter I am walking in the past and future at the same time, unknowingly at the time…only to repaint the future. Thanks Bob!

After recalling the first dream I immediately recall another. Although I am not sure if this dream happened or it happened in the daytime (I often call this the real world, although I am not sure what is real anymore…Lol). This dream was about finding balance in self. All I can remember is a scene of what appeared to be commercial on a television. I was sitting in a friend’s living room, when a commercial came on about ‘receiving.’ In order to remain happy we are to give, it is our life’s purpose. We cannot just take, take, take…without giving back. If all we do is receive, without giving…then we remain unbalanced, failing to follow natural laws of the universe…ebb and flow, give and take, etc.

While the second recall actually happened first, it carried into the second dream of meeting old acquaintances. It is through our giving and receiving, being authentic, that our destiny is presented. Our purpose does not come forward until we follow the passion within our being. As we move forward in each moment, we are taking each step from the heart. As our heart expands our world expands, as our world expands endless possibilities remain.

I love my dreams. As I sit at my desk recalling these dreams, I remember the conversations of yesterday. Often times for me, not sure if it happens for you, my day time leads into the night time, creating a new reality in the dream world…allowing me to recall my life story. In recalling I am able to re-create the scenery and what the future may hold.

A conversation or meeting with an old friend creates thoughts of a specific time and place, allowing more healing to take place. A later conversation, with another friend, about finding purpose and balance through asking creator to humbly show you the way…well I think that led to the first dream about giving and receiving. I am in awe as the dream world comes to life, outlining the past and redefining the future in a single stroke of my fingers as the words are typed upon this screen.

So back and forth I go in my own thoughts. My life, past and future…what lay in store for the Canvas of Life, what lay in store for Stepping into the Canvas? I am not certain, but the re-write has begun and the definitions of life are about to be written.

As i recall my story, my hopes is that you recall your own. Relive the past, recreate the present and future. It is my hope these words reach those who need most. It is my hopes that Stepping into the Canvas defines the steps we take on a daily basis. Filling our days with purpose, infusing our steps with love. As we consciously move forward, taking note of the birds singing our song, the trees dancing in the wind or the skies changing from night to day…we are a part of the Great Canvas and we are contributing on a daily basis. What is your  contribution for the day?

Stepping into the Canvas defining the Canvas, defining our own…

Defining the Canvas