Caught in a Thousand Lifetimes

Caught in a Thousand Lifetimes
Becoming Great Mystery

Difficulty translating thought, caught in the grasps of a thousand lifetimes. Feelings of sadness, pain, loss, final albatross that broke camel’s back. From the pits of despair, light flickering in the distance. Distant memory or present being as it may, worth the mull over.

Misfired rounds of ammo, shooting blanks into the sea, unable to transcribe engravings of the heart, we sit in self-examination. Relaxed, tactile fingertips explore, prompted by the reptilian, lasting moments until Oh my goodness!

Not what the ancients were thinking, allowing one to revisit the past, looking into future possibilities. Recanting, recounting, steps made thus before. No undoing what was doing, yet a burning desire, attempting to relive and repose, failed attempts, futile thus remaining.

Translate, appropriate, sharing with the masses, vibratory messenger you may be. First understand the submission, publishing process, and then maybe more challenging tasks handed over to thee. Just then your whole world crashes down, crumbled into a thousand lifetimes, numb, unable to move. No thoughts, no actions, merely being amidst all the greatest mysteries.

Darkness, filling void, embracing all leading to present day, what was, now maybe, forth speaking, gazing crystal ball’s projected outcome, once housed abashment, turn-key operation is at hand. No longer self-doubting Thomas, acting as that dreamer lad, prophesying seven years of famine, seven thousand years of pure creativity, it has begun.

Cracked open like a walnut, ripped open by universal hands, Dragon’s breath purifying soul, transplanted heart, crushing little gizzards at its appearance. Bonfire heart, given for pain and suffering, reached to the bottom of the darkest depths, cavernous thoughts, hidden treasures found, there it is, heart’s true home.

Placed in my center, acclimating to the dropped beats, universal temperament commencing. Fingers begin the tap, most accelerated, raw tempo, never heard before. Pain felt within my heart, burning, raging, and energetic song forming in the solar plexus. Wait for it, pause, and hold; yes we repeat the hold until embodied.

The mind wanders, wondering what expressions come to be, left blank, unfulfilled. Heads to the bar, drowning sorrows, puffing nervously, feverishly, and untold stories not yet arriving the tongue, the mind remains in unease. Storylines already formed, songs waiting to sing, translated or not, invigorator ready to spin the wheels.

Heart translation closest to the original song, yet language unknown to normal ears, healing songs begin spewing. Shared tune, whispered breath, kissed by an angelic presence, elementals holding by, Shaman centers the stage. Goosebumps felt, worldly apperceived, plain and simple for you and me.

Deeper felt light transmission begins, carried tune, pulling into pure light. Radiating brighter than the sun, all transmutation beginning here, embodying the pain, suffering, anger, vile wretch once before, we are becoming. Unable to sing from heart, mind misunderstanding, body vibrating faster than the sun, first thought nothinging, urban dictionaries act of doing nothing.

Embodied transmission, thoughts ambition, and heart ignition, time-releasing monkeys, pure energy, waiting for your cue, a new creation is at hand. The whole universe singing a sacred tune, through you, within you, you are the sacred tune. It is as it was in the beginning, the end, and hashtags in between. Pure light, healing song emitting chest, radiating timeworn psalms: pain to joy, suffering to bliss, anger to tears of a thousand familial songs, once void and darkness to the absence of nothingness.

Within the void, vast and empty, nothingness we find, nothingness we return, vast and beautiful we become, thoughts transmuted reality as so. It cannot be written apropos, spoken about, translated fully for understanding. Merely breathing, feeling, understanding the motility, heart strong, heartstrings, into heart’s song.

~Ani Po

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Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash