Cycles of Life: Giving Birth Deathly Tolls

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Photo by Marie François on Unsplash

Cycles of Life
Giving birth deathly tolls


Twinkling stars within the eye of
summer’s day turning warmth
into comforting nights
cuddled by the fire
sharing dreams and aspirations
hard to swallow magistrates heavy load
rocket ships into the unknown
relieving sounds sweet whispered souls
puff a smoke in heartfelt delectation.


Hours churning months
buttered bread burning muffins
buns in the oven not yet risen
checking the oven light periodical
turkey timer popping in excitement
it is time! Hoover damn releasing amniotic
pinholes pushing watermelons
screams of jubilance piercing eyes
once gardener planting seed
returning to elation wonder and awe.


Cooing sounds baby bird mothers’ milk
deepened bond watchful eyes
observant peeper singing early spring
sponge-like absorbent mind
timing-critical developing patterns
passed down intrinsic generational
mimicking sounds calling servants bell
one ringy-dingy Lily Tomlin awaits
spoken words mommas and papas playing a tune.


Free-running stallion home on the range
great mystery calls answering not just yet
enjoying the input freedom and pleasure
in this moment of time
lost temporary paralysis in the frontal
numbing truths faded memories
what was is no longer
owl insitu new vision phase unlimited
turning key unlocking portals deeper mysteries.


The autumn of the year
beautiful colors or drab shades muddled thought
signs of wisdom yet not wise enough
was it enough? questioning mortalities reflection
giving new life and death in a single breath.

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Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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Photo by Javardh on Unsplash