Be That Which Brings You Happiness

Be that which brings you happiness.~Ani Po

Too often I hear people talk about their daily lives and how miserable they are. Either too busy, too weighted down or whatever. When suggested to make the necessary steps, I nearly always here the same answer, “I wish it could be that easy.”

Well it can. It is often the first step that is most difficult. Difficult is the fear of the unknown arising. Trust the process…keep moving passed the fear. Focusing on what we want, our feet will naturally take the necessary steps toward that which we most desire.

While it may be important to clean house: literally and metaphorically, we are to go through a self-cleaning process to attain this eternal happiness most desired. What is it that you want? Close your eyes for a second, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Assuredly this is your dream of what could be. Follow this dream until it is so…

Be that which brings you happiness