Allowing Innocence to be Reborn

Allowing innocence to be reborn

Day 17 of 30-day poetry Challenge

All I want is to be with you, child of innocence, untainted and untarnished soul sans misguided directions from there to here. Our arrival is dependent on acknowledging the whole self, the innocence of then, and the traumatic scars past carried here.

I willingly go into this darkened space in my heart, where all the transgressors reside, all my iniquities hiding behind shadows shielding projecting outwardly disguise. The heaviness of a mother losing her child, tearing away bits of her flesh mirrored into self-undoing, forgetting purpose and place.

Crying out, screaming surge, and witnessing the others as once forgotten truths untold song of heartfelt pleas for peace and tranquility. Trapped, victimized by the fast-paced worldly turning sounds of capitalistic dogmatic realities.

Dismantling, dismemberment of false-beliefs once told as truth, little birdie flying to higher perch, gaining new perspective. Once called home, the tree no longer fits our growing and ever-wavering belief of not knowing and divinely being innocent once more.

Cautionary tales are preying on the impeccable, no longer worrisome of villainess bullying, trembling still on the idea of rising above the ashes, taking up faded memories of once-forgotten ways. Scorpio is rising, phoenix fiery trails, and emitting peacefully infused and integrated thought-experiential-ways onto those stuck in the mud like we used to play.

Unable to free ourselves until tagged by another, inviting us to run freely without having to run any longer, erstwhile running away from the taggers tagging victims to their demise. Upright standing, forward moving self, a fusion of past, present, and future selves, embracing wholly me, myself, and I, we are healed.

Return to innocence, feeling emotions of a younger self, those of broken winds carrying about our days, quondam self, distant and out-of-reach not true and ready for the Great Revelation of knowing who we’ve become. Taking out the trash, unearthing embedded scars, and painful misery traveling on darkened and narrow roads, confidently not knowing who we are but knowing we are right where we ought to be.

Juggling worlds of night and day, tracing constellations telling trails, staring in awe at forbidden truths hidden among Aquila, Apus, Canis Major, to name a few. Once verboten human-made story-line adopting the belief of eternal radiant, energetic being as we always were, we are letting go.

Singing songs of the ancient wisdom carrying tunes, inviting others to lay down their qualms with inner-knowing and unanswered restful pardons of their encountering transgressors, holding space for all to becoming. Peacefully walking, taking hands with neighboring heartfelt persons of corrosive salve-covering embalming shadowy approach.

Arriving at innocence and accepting its truths, breathing cosmic unraveling healing breath, answering not to anyone but self-inflicted and self-actualizing systemic steps within the Canvas. Born to innocence, forgotten brief time-lapse disfiguring moments, returning whence we came, a re-birthing of innocence always, we are here.

~Ani Po

The challenge continues with eyes set on various styles of poetic tune, for now I sit with these memories of childhood, child-like innocence, inviting its return. Thank you . for this prompt.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash