Accepting The Many Lessons Before Us

The Warrior, or as we have come to know her…Ani Po, elevating to a new level of consciousness arrives at a place of ‘Now What?” From the time she received the first call to elite status of warrior she is learning the lessons, elevating to new levels and wondering what next. She adapts to her new surroundings and quickly accepts next challenges.


When she first took the call, as in the story of Samuel, Ani Po began dumping excess baggage from the past allowing more freedom to emerge within the self. It is in our ability to let go of past beliefs, past experiences we allow true nature to emerge. It is in this true nature we find our true identity. In the case of Ani Po, she did not understand who or what she was to become until she first accepted a new reality as an ancient Warrior for Peace. Now standing for peace, she chooses only to engage when needed.


Even still, the Warrior learns lessons further arriving at the place of ‘now what?’ But the time spent within these lessons gets shorter, for she learns quickly and moves on to the next. Being able to flow like the river and change with every turn carved into the land, we learn to adapt quicker and quicker with each new lesson. Many battles lay ahead for the Warrior but she accepts whatever comes her way.


Stepping into the Canvas accepting many lessons before us. The Canvas displays new scenery every time we step up to it, but how we see it…is up to us. See the beauty or see despair, whichever way you see it shall be so. Be open to new beginnings and further embrace the many… ‘Now What?’