Turning one of those days…into One Of Those Days!

Time for confessions…even I have blasé days. The difference between today and yesterday is my awareness of my pitfalls. It used to be that these pitfalls would take days, weeks and maybe even a year to snap out of, but now the awareness brings it to Light and is quickly excused.

When I fall to a day of funk, illness usually manifests, physical injury or something to subconsciously shut my body down for a few days. With awareness, I am able to sit, meditate and allow it to pass. Guaranteed…everything will pass. For me, shutting down means no creativity flowing…hence the lack of writing. Sitting, pondering and growing from each experience, the pitfalls are shorter lived than before. The peaks and valleys eventually become a steady plateau.

The enlightened masters speak of this plateau and assure us of its sustainability. Well, what is this enlightenment? It can be described as having no emotional attachment to any idea, any situation, or any physicality. Without emotions, does not mean non-caring…quite the contrary! Enlightened beings are instinctively more compassionate and think of humanity before themselves…all the while maintaining balance within the self.

Enlightened beings no longer worry about what others think

and just know The Way to truly live.


As I am not better than any one person, I declare I am better than I used to be. With each new day, we have the ability to grow beyond our expectations…why not give it a try?! Being aware of who we are, accepting our authenticity and forgiving who or where we have traveled allows us to be free of any emotional attachment to expected outcomes…thereby  yielding endless possibilities and an ever-present feeling of awe.

Be in Awe…see the world as if it were the first time.

~Muhammad Yusuf

Stepping into the Canvas with a New Perspective. What happened yesterday does not have to define today, but may pave the future. Change our perception of the day and our future will have a new highway towards happiness…or despair if that is what we choose. Choose wisely for it is the very essence of our path.