The Irony of Man

Irony of Man

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The Irony of Man is not a new problem but a repeating cyclical behavior passed down from generation to generation. Aristophanes referred to this as eiron, the Greek word for irony, and applied its usage to any shady or annoying characters. The irony was that Aristophanes himself was a ‘jokester’ and often annoyed others within his time. Classic case of projecting shadows onto another.

Carl Jung proved the shadow effect to be that of projection of oneself onto another: In some cases, we see positive in another, wishing we could be more like them; In others, we see negative aspects of ourselves we do not care for, commenting on them as “Ironic” or as Aristophanes called annoying. The first example is self-explanatory as we want to be more like that which we desire to become, thereby causing a natural gravitational pull towards positive people in our lives. The second is not so apparent.

Our thoughts and attitudes need persistent training in a world so intent on convincing us that we are who we are not and that we are not who, in fact, we are.~Debbie Ford

While projecting Shadows, we not only display judgment through bitterness but also express malicious verbal accusations of another. Failing to realize we are merely looking into the mirror with our reflection projecting onto others, we find disgust with them and subconsciously ourselves. Those remaining in their shadows either stay in darkness or turn towards the Light.

We can chase our shadows of doubt or turn our attention toward the source of Light,leaving our shadows behind us forever.

Our shadows can shine brightly as the source of Light, through which awareness and mindfulness are achieved. Remain in the shadows, and that is where we remain. Turning attention towards source energy, we receive lessons of acceptance for all (you, me, he, she, we, they). Acceptance for all ironies of life, finding humor in the ironic behavior of man.

Isn’t it ironic that we pay for gym memberships when we could easily walk outside, getting more fresh air, vitamin D and an overwhelming feeling of well-being? We pay for ‘Coaches’ to tell us how to live when we need only sit and ponder our lives. We want to get healthier but are unwilling to change our diets or lifestyles, instead paying someone to keep us on track. We have known health issues but fail to change our ways…further paying someone to aid us with our health…usually in the form of a convenient pill. Our lives are filled with ironies.

Is it a case of laziness or subscribing to a belief of doing something every moment, forgetting to reconnect with the Canvas of Life? The Canvas of Life has no rules but has consequences. We can choose to take our time while painting our canvas or rush through it, splattering paint everywhere with little care about how it falls. One can yield a peaceful, tranquil moment while embracing the Canvas; the other yields chaos, angst, and often misery. Misery brought on by deadlines and timelines…always living for the clock… missing the beauty provided by the Canvas.

While our moments may not always be what we expect them to be, they can be enjoyable no matter what. The Irony of Man does not have to complete the cycle anymore. We can break the cycle of irony and begin a new cycle. A cycle that includes awareness, forgiveness, gratitude and Love. Wait no longer…change our worldly view. Turn from the shadows of darkness and turn towards the Light.

If all we have in our hearts is Love,
there can be room for nothing else.

While the Pilgrim subscribes to the Irony of Man, allowing the cycle to continue in his lineage, the Warrior (Ani Po) subscribes to a new irony…one of awe-inspiring uncertainty. On a personal level, it can change with a single thought. On a global level, same thought. We find in ourselves and others that not one human being is perfect. In this recognition, we find perfection in all imperfections.

Stepping into the Canvas serendipitously. With every step, every thought…may it be aligned with the seven generations. With our ability to alter the cycles, we align our thoughts with that of source energy. Focusing on our shadow, we remain in darkness: focusing on Light, we Shine On into another day. Shine On!

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Thank you

Diana C., jules, Ravyne Hawke, @spyder and the Know Thyself Heal Thyself Family for holding this sacred space.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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