The Buffalo Greets Oljita

The Buffalo greets Oljita

Living in True Self

Photo by Andrew Sterling on Unsplash

Often we find ourselves unknowing of our heading, and that is ok. These are the moments when our dreams come alive. In our downtime, we contemplate our future, readjusting our footsteps as we advance. Feeling stuck or not knowing where to go may be time to retreat mentally.

Go somewhere without distractions and unplug from the mundane daily rituals. Maybe it is time to reinvent the self…

Oljita discovers this first-hand as he discovers seclusion in a nestled cabin within the woods.

At the beginning of his walk, still not knowing where he was going, darkness lay in front of him. He looks to his right…nothing. He looks to the left and is greeted by a Buffalo.

Welcoming Oljita, the buffalo signals Oljita to a path…a path leading into great darkness. He knows this is the path he must take…proceeding unafraid. Oljita understands the laws of the universe and knows that through the darkness, we find Light. Without hesitation, he welcomes the invitation and enters the path of darkness.

Feeling alone, Oljita realizes he must venture further into the darkness. This time the woods are silent, and his compass no longer works. Confused, with an edge of fear, Oljita is led further into the unknown.

Last time on an adventure such as this, Oljita was greeted by spirits walking in the flesh…this time…nothing.

This time, there is nothing but himself, alone with his thoughts and emotions. As he continues walking, Oljita’s eyes are caught by shadows. Shadows that instruct her to let go. Turning from left to right and right to left again, Oljita wonders what he sees in the woods. Oljita reminds himself to let go of his physical eyes and begins to feel a new sense of sight opening. He takes one step more and realizes what he feels…he is beginning to see.

What was once unknown became known to him. Oljita paused for a moment, with a knowledge of spirit being with him always. What Oljita once saw…no longer, and what was unseen…clarity and knowing.

Dissolving Oljita’s flesh, he enters the spirit world, greeted by others waiting for him. He would not have been able to see them before without first letting go of the physical presence within the physical world. As his flesh dissolved, Oljita is shown a whole new world. A new world that will light the way for many to come.

Reaching a desired spot, Oljita rests. He sits on a rock, closing his eyes and venturing into a dark tunnel. Before him is a lodge of great illumination…he enters the lodge. As he enters the lodge, Oljita is greeted by an eternal light. He embraces this Light, and the Light envelops Oljita…he becomes the Light.

Sitting quietly, with eyes closed, Oljita passes into another world through another darkened tunnel. Emerging from this tunnel, he is back in the physical world or what he thought to be the real world. Before Oljita declared his presence on this earth, he lived a life of fear, anger and misery. These emotions were his only reality. His reality could not change without first letting go of what he thought was real.

Dissolving his flesh, Oljita dissolves the world around him. As many will continue to live in this misconstrued reality, he will forever walk in Light. Emerging from the darkness, he embraces the Light.

Not knowing what was real or unreal, Oljita chooses to remain in Light. Seeing only good in darkened areas, he remains in Light. Whether going into darkness or traveling into the spirit world, Oljita remained true to his calling. He remains true to the spirit that guides him.

With a better understanding, Oljita realizes his world is whatever he sees it as. If he wants peace, he sees peace. If he wants to hate, he sees only hate. It is his choice to see whatever he wants in this world.

Fusing the spirit world with the physical world, Oljita understands there is a very thin line between the two. Going too far into the spirit world, he may get lost; going too far into the physical world, he gets lost; remaining on a thin line between both worlds, he finds totality.

For his entire life, Oljita sought things of material, just as the many pilgrims of today are convinced to do. Letting go of this belief system, walking forever in spirit, taking only what he needs.

Remaining in happiness.

Through eyes of spirit, Oljita creates the life he dreams of; through eyes of spirit, Oljita attains all he needs to live to the fullest. As he stands before self-realization, Oljita is greeted by a great spirit and knows he is home.

With his hair standing on end, flush feeling going through his entire body, Oljita communes to All There Is. It is not enough to walk within the Canvas but a necessity to embrace the whole Canvas without judgment.

No judgment, no pain, no fear, the Canvas displays brighter colors…brighter than ever before. Standing before the river of Love, he declares I AM here. He embodies the words, Ani Po, whether in the spiritual realm or the physical plane.

The night draws near, and Oljita still hungers. Hunger not for little morsels of nourishment, but hunger for mana. What we seek in this world is what we shall receive. Seeking more truth, receiving the eternal. Finding what we seek is where we shall be.

Stepping into the Canvas with new eyes and new vision. With eyes of spirit, we find new hope. Hope for a better way of life. Seeing with eyes of spirit, receiving our reward. If we continue to go through life’s motions, remaining where everyone else is. If we live according to our true selves, continually renewing our vision, remaining in spirit for all eternity.

~ Ani Po

Thank you Zay Pareltheon, Marilyn J Wolf, Viraji Ogodapola, and the whole Howling Owl community for keeping the flow of hooter’s quo.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash