Prideful Wishes Granted Upon the Collective

Prideful Wishes Granted Upon the Collective

An open letter to our daughter

Photo by Chris Sabor on Unsplash

This piece is an open letter to our youngest, who is a leader, free-spirited gem that has always called me out to be my authentic self. Maybe we are just mirrors of one another, complementing each other. Will we ever truly know?

Holding sacred space until it is time for your release, allowing baby Gator to grow and flourish until it is time for the spreading of your wings like the feathery friends have shown us what is naturally present. It is time for that personal journey, finding your way in this mysterious world.

For years I watched you grow, from birth to the time you charged me, reminding me of where happiness resides, “Daddy, are you happy?” Rocking me to the core, forgotten truths of a simplistic path, ways regarded by the commoners as absurd, you changed my life at that moment in time.

.As you requested, setting out on a fifteen-year renewal of self, reflecting and giving back this strength handed down by the ancients. I hold this space for now, as you set out on your journey of the self, reminding you of your sacredness honoring this and allowing your world to make manifest for that which always serves your highest good — disregarding not the lower or highest of good, for soon you will know they are born of the same tether to a greater understanding of “All there Is.”

My wish for you is this:

May you find your way, holding its sacredness amidst all the worldly chaos challenging our thoughts, altering not our steps unless necessary for stepping in and out of realities or harm’s way. For if we fall, we learn of our footing; if collapsed with gasping breath, we breathe that eternal flame ever-present whilst lifting us in our darkest of moments.

This light born unto thee, share it freely with those who need it, give effortlessly simultaneously recharging of your source energy, so every minute is witnessed as sacred — treating every breath, every word with reverence and potentiality of great utterance in any given situation. We are of Great Spirit, here to create as we see fit.

May this serve as a reminder of why we are here: to live fully engaged intuit capability and ability to connect with Great Mystery with awe and ease of everything. These words are my wish for you.

Thank you for being such a great teacher, a role model in our community. Now go and spread those wings.

Flowery dress forever imprinted on our minds — rose-colored glasses matching your personality at heights. If not for those bumps and heartaches along the way, where would we be without the challenges in our days?

Social butterfly — gathering friends from varying lands, keeping them close — tight-knit group — keeping the peace whenever you can, this is who you are. Work hard, play harder — ringing loud a clear — the time is now, setting out on your own.

Free bird, footloose, and fancy-free — armor up as to give away this strength to anyone unless by your hand. Hold those closest to you — closer than ever, holding that sacred space of self and collective knowing there is always greater.

My heart sings to all who will listen — this bird freely floating far and near. Such an example of who you are, strong, willful, loving, and indomitable spirit of all there is. Go now — move mountains!

Enormous gratitude for your presence, teachings, and you kind heart shining out into the world.

Photo by Sieuwert Otterloo on Unsplash

Last week, we helped our youngest move into her dorms of her next chapter in life. Off on her own, trailblazing her own, learning from everything and everyone around her. While there is an underlying sadness to know that your youngest has just flown the coup, it is with greater joy for her travels into new discovery of self, collective and all things marvelous.

While nothing prepares a parent for such heartache, it is with great joy knowing they are planted firmly on their own two feet. Flapping their wings for their first solo flight, watching them take off in awe and delight.

Thank you Diana C. for this upgrade in prompts, may they elevate, levitate, and open new pathways of understanding for all who enter the field of possibilities.

Today’s prompt was from this beautiful upgrade of prompts, Nothing prepares you for the ache. Thank you.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash