Perceived Reactionary Thought

Perceived Reactionary Thought

Painting a New Canvas

Photo by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash

The world of thought is as we see it through the eyes of flesh, limited by a collective reaction to what is happening. Nothing is new. Similar pain and destruction are alive today as their songs echo thousands of years ago — merely amplified by 7.6 billion thoughts.

Filtered by Heart — Canvas becomes a beautiful playground for imagination — creating more beauty. Seen by self, giving witness to the collective — truthfully, not all will see — stick to the Canvas.

The Canvas of Life, dancing in harmony, remaining unbiased to our collective. Ebbs and flows, trials and tribulations, Canvas gives and receives as one chooses to see — opened Heart, eternal expansive force at play.

Sitting, staring at the empty Canvas — effortless interaction, co-creating mirrored beauty always present, we are choosing optimization of our story-line with integrating thought. Hopeless in reality — new perspective at hand, we see the world as we are willing to see.

Like two school children fighting on the playground over who is stronger, superman or batman, we have similar happenings on global levels. We can choose to play the game of who is better, diffuse arguments of reigning superheroes or continue Painting a new Canvas into existence.

We return to the basics, written by nature, living harmoniously and complimentary of the next. We exist from the cosmos of thought to the cosmos of thought we return. Whether we wait until our final return or set aside the daily practice of reconnecting with All There Is.

There is no right or wrong, only perceived reactionary thought of the collective. Listen to the others or return to All There Is, Painting a New Canvas into existence — following Heart’s song into tomorrow and the next.

~Ani Po

The symbolism of the snow leopard brings us to identify ourselves on a deeper level. High in the Himalayas, the snow leopard seeks solitude and deeper observation of daily events. With the ability to approach its daily encounters with precision and care, the snow leopard emerges from solitude to nourish self and those closest within family or network of the alike.

With our current obsession with claps, tags, reciprocation of works, we lose our purpose of why we are here. Personal opinion, of course, or hidden agreement by others finding rest high in the mountaintops.

With an invite in hand, our author chooses to leave it here for those to take arms in purpose and thought. Remaining true to the word, chosen by few, sought by those needing to hear — we are here.

Much gratitude to the Coffee Times Movement and the editors who hold sacred space for others to share, Yana Bostongirlfor keeping Know Thyself Heal Thyself alive, Diana C.for baring her vintage soul to all, and Sujona Chatterjee for sharing what it means to be true to self.

Sujona Chatterjee doesn’t get paid for her works due to constraints with Medium availability in her area but looks to share in a cup of coffee with those enjoying their time on her page. Please show her some love and buy her a coffee.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash