Navigating Inner-working’s of a Cosmic Dance

Self Awareness

Navigating Inner-working’s of a Cosmic Dance

Deeper traveling into subterranean fields

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Formally not choosing a word, guiding footsteps forward-moving energetic being self, not bad or good as once shared various thoughts. The commonality of phrases refreshing themselves mid-way, caressing innermost workings of mystical, magical inclusivity, sans the fading coercion of fervid dogmatic perpetual belief, continuous change agents acting fortuitously on our behalf.

At years birthing stance navigating thematic squawk, learning and unlearning persisting course uncharted as foretold by the ancients — soon daring to dive deeper than ever before. Unknowing, the tethered line wrapped about pinkies toe, quickly tracing a thin red line back for all eternity and precociously ahead of the cart and steed.

Thought-provoking words were written upon a page, glancing past miseries claim to fame as touched by the devil’s deathly kiss, leaving one out for hyenas and magpies hunger alike. Faintly heard voices carried by sacred tunes sprouting winds, challenging with discourse dissonance of archaic beliefs choked by the possibility of natural order’s returning voice.

Infinite love and gratitude tooted as common phrases worn out and hung out to dry until embodiment of soul and cosmic beings singing stars favorite lullaby. A deeper understanding of all things — a self-inclusive approach to the collective whole — written in the sacred text, sung by the maestro’s abysmal Amazonia.

Open to death’s new birthing of fiery phoenix screech, soaring to touch the sun’s surfacing moons, galactic ditto exclamation pointing to another layer’s unfolding message clear. Traveler’s gathering story-lines compare notes to whence they came and progression of future songs bellowing out heart’s greatest mystery.

Pilgrim is smiling at warrior’s carried melody, heart transference from dualistic to wholeness — furthermore oneness. We are healed, we are whole, we are holy, we are one, sung by Naodi — spoken in tongues.

Present-day miraculous as in the beginning, for what was then is now, all in one, all is as it was. Profound complexities, repeating messages, deliberate silence fused with thunderous monstrosities fading memories.

Deeper yet we go, navigating in and out of worldly thought, attachment to all things, nothing alike. We are here and there, simultaneous beings forever moving graciously inwardly and outwardly amongst the others, planting seeds and changing directional winds upon command.

Like a child’s innocence taught by a pedagogue twisted tale, flip-switch — teacher becoming the pupil — gracefully floating right to the center of it all, commanding particles, quarks, and macrocosmic thoughts orbiting planetary involvement.

~ Ani Po

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

I sat with Bingz Huang prompt and thought about my personal beginning this year. While I did not formally write down a thematic word, I did note a common theme unfolding.

At the beginning of the year, wanting to navigate the cosmos and the innermost workings of cavernous thought, I set out to do just that. Remaining open to all things, letting go of everything, and tying in the past twelve years of shadow work.

Stubborn as I was, dragging out the works sifting through the layers of past traumatic memories tied and triggered to ancient times, finally giving in to knowing nothing. Falling deeper into the cosmic dance of not knowing, understanding things more profoundly, Great Mystery speaking in a whispered breath.

From navigating to a deeper understanding of self, cosmos, and collective whole, I remain wise to the human condition. Still, eons to go, traveling upper, middle, and lower worlds, open to whatever presents itself at my door.

Thank you Bingz Huang and Diana C. for Week 3 Day 2 prompt, really enjoyed entering this space.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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