Intimacy: Two hearts beat as one

A poem — GiaB prompt #22 intimacy

Intimacy: Two hearts beat as one

Individual journey from separateness to wholeness

In the beginning, rose an unbreakable bond
the invisible thread of webs intertwining
encompassing millions of eons, spatially translucent.

Honeymoon and laying of stone, foundational mortise
special joiners and woven weavers, magical moments
created by opposites recognizable whole.

Different worlds, planetary alignment maintaining
a beat of own drum — rolling through the meadows
whistling tunes handed down by generational gaps
skipping seven generations.

Ebbs-flowing in a natural deluge, illusory harmonious
discorded moments transpiring lacking complete understanding — deeper
layered realities existing in every single atom.

Separating trails vastly creating a great divide followed by
colliding forces, intertwining splashing soul’s variant
elixir of life-altering memories embodied extant.

Flesh to flesh, dancing molecular salivary essence
co-mingling wandering paths crisscrossing wonderment
gifts are receiving beneficiary nod to poly-rhythmic sounds.

Dropping beats, playing out until the decaying song
serving erstwhile effortless shift — occasional trips
skidding knees attending to wounds new melody.

Deeper into the vortex, voided truths mastered thought
levied breaking down hardcore cosmic spinning — lost
unspoken infallibility heart-wrenching birthing of ancient text
written corpuscles floating unwavering patterns of life.

Stripping of the meat-skin and all, invisible beings becoming,
joining eternally — bonding resources, gathering new possibilities,
relearning to unknowing what is and what may be forever
certifying a profound entanglement with The All.

~Ani Po

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Nearly thirty years together, two individuals are passing through various stages of life while birthing and raising two amazing individuals requiring twenty-four-seven moments of their time.

Lost amidst their company, levy breaking out from under the ground they stand in a time of re-inventing or moving on.

Choosing the preceding, after one of them sifting through their rubble of past, while the other remains scared stiff from moving beyond the familiarity of what life currently offers, they divide and conquer as familiarly adapting to unknown chapters of self and the collective of the presence of each other.

With a willingness to let go of the other so that they may find what they are looking for, a new level of intimacy (into me see)that is far deeper than any textbook can offer. Carlos Vettorazzi offers a detailed understanding of the layers associated with diving deeper into self-understanding, further developing a deeper bond between others.

Allowing the other person to go and find their way, holding space for the healing of self, without interjecting our agenda of what healing may look like, makes room for a deeper intimacy to form. Beyond the physical remains a deeper connection of two souls waiting to be discovered.

Congratulations to those who’ve arrived in this land of understanding, dissolving truths of what we thought to be true, allowing two hearts to forever beat as one.

Thank you to Orla Kenny for this invitation to dive into intimacy at deeper levels of understanding and thank you to the whole Genius in a bottle team for allowing my words to land a place for others to read.

Original prompt

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash