Darkened Days Ahead

Photo by Daiwei Lu on Unsplash

Darkened Days Ahead

Contemplative moon lighting way

Darkened days ahead shortened first light,
seasonal change personal transformation awaits.
Collective whole astrological bumps in the night,
guiding misfortune self-discovery donning capes.

Burning down the house internal back-draft ablaze,
cyclical pain misery calling out one’s name.
Standing distant observing thought reflecting gaze,
smoldering ashes confidence declaim.

Mid-season within a season of change,
beginning the end calling it winter solstice.
Not knowing traditional stance holiday cheer,
paralleled reflection dreaming agrostis.

Moment alone time will tell,
brighter days birthing inner workings.
Inner shadows transfigured speculations quell,
years edge contemplative adducing yearnings.

Still, foreign holidays man-made,
unknowing story-line obeisance void.
Fatal attempt humans persuade,
hemlock once drunken deployed.

Firmly perpetual peaceful inner being,
Satisfying personal thirst tranquility.
Continuance congruence Akashic foreseeing,
Self-mastery bat-shit crazy availability.

Percipient lacking understanding,
omnipresent creation self-undoing.
Smiling birds paralleling shifting space,
white elephant enters lunar renewing.

~Ani Po

Not really understanding story-lines or traditions of the season, an inner calling rings out loud and clear each coming year. The inward journey of the self, contemplating past, present, and future stories, hopeful of brighter days, self-discovery awaiting attentive ear.

Longing in time, outwardly grown.
Shortened days, inward gaze.
Seasonal changing, natural flow.
Failed attempt, written words.

Joseph Lieungh

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