Change is Coming: Inevitable Ticking Time

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Change is coming, inevitable,
suns warming breath.
Time travelers occasional passing, demisable,
constant only is this change.

Seasons yield, submitting,
death and new birth.
Fawns and pups, youngling,
springing forth is this change.

New day presenting, passerby,
closing lunar reflection.
Stars and stripes, brasserie,
near and far is this change.

Self-reflecting thoughts, mastery,
no-thing existing, illusory halting end.
All things beginning, dicastery,
accountability is this change.

The animal kingdom, teacher’s pet,
nature’s flow followed the stream.
Plants alike, decaying breath,
nature’s way only is this change.

Looking to heavens, failing inwardly,
deep-dive cease judging thee.
Meditative states, hinder me,
self-inflicted is this change.

Change is coming, inevitable,
time ticking clock giving way.
Focusing on another, irreparable,
hero’s journey is this change.

~ Ani Po

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

Very often a change of self is needed
 more than a change of scene.~A.C.Benson

Too often looking outwardly, interpreting what we see. Judging good versus bad, pretty versus ugly, joyous and angry, merely our interpretation. Finding ourselves in uncomfortable situations, in difficult whereabouts, frozen in our fear, or further judgment, we are resisting change of constant. Attachment to the way it was or expected outcomes, remaining frozen in time, hardening in belief, and narrowing our minds.

Being present in any given situation, even amidst chaos or despair, we are no longer affected by sadness. Being present in any given situation freed to interpret whilst remaining in peace if we so choose. Being present is the observation of change, whether saddening outcomes or joyous returns, we just are. Going with the flow, knowing change is inevitable.

Maybe there is a co-worker who annoys the Shit out of you or they just don’t get it, misaligned with your trade of thoughts. What if they get it and you fail to see truth riding change? Skewed by anger, we only see others as needing to change, failing to witness our own need for change.

Maybe we spend too much time trying to correct others for varying beliefs and not enough time enjoying what the Canvas of Life has to offer. Seeing differences, celebrating beauty, shifting thoughts converting self to global, deep within subconscious witnessing the change, inevitable we are. In all the varying colors painted upon the Canvas, we rejoice at the many thoughts and ideas assembling into one.

Instead of looking at how to change things, ask how can we change? Instead of changing scenery, how can we change ourselves? While inevitable, fret, or soothing, reactionary presence choice remains.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new perspective, inevitable is the change, turning focus self-reflection is this change. We are not to change any one person in the world merely ourselves. While there is nothing to be done, self-realization inevitably is this change.

Joseph Lieungh