Blind Spots

Blind Spots

Labels and human conditioning

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

Forbidden fruits nourishing thoughts on the eve of Adam’s awakened serpentine encounter — riding down winding roads — into the unknown labels once taught — force-fed in hopes of foie gras — regurgitating or purging all we have ever known to be true — emptying our books — thought mindless memories of ancient tongues.

Staring out into the vast emptiness of sky-filled blues — listening for inner knowing’s voice echoing songs of stillness, quietude — entering once again the void of all existence — the birthplace of knowing and unknowing. Whispered souls — fluttering and scurrying about — transmuting — breaking all barriers created by labels tune — bugs no longer — coexisting as we are.

Sharing a drink at the fountain’s giving of life — all are welcome — bathing in the ambiguous understanding of oneness — all in this together. Forever wrestling with shadows of doubt — fear-ridden belief in following what another has told — until the levee breaks.

Blinded by the light — mare’s fixation with forwarding sight — attention leading us to where wandering minds want us to go. Centered on not knowing — thyself inclusive unfolding — observing all there is without attachment to how to and should haves — rivers flow guiding us around the raging bends.

Arriving — home sweet home — knowing purpose given life at this moment — making it all up as I go — I am/we are. Playbooks burning flames reaching Gould’s Belt — emptiness filled with all there is — over-flowing spirit-filled quenching of life’s eternal elixir.

~ Ani Po

Sitting with a couple of prompts, marinating on the absence of my first love and the call of life — requiring more of my attention elsewhere and not at my keyboard. I reflect on the question of who I am.

Firstly, dissolving all labels: father, brother, leader, teacher, healer, lover, etc., I am left with an unknowing of who I am. Once again, asking myself, Is it possible to be here and of this place, without labels, just becoming who I am meant to be in this moment? Like the T.V. series, The Pretender depicts becoming who I am for a particular day. Not pretending to be something I am not but embodying a thought and becoming it as needed — eliminating scorn or judgment on self for who I’ve become. Instead, I am continuously becoming — ever-changing thoughts and being as I was meant to be.

Secondly, I am called to the question of discerning the labels of insects bugging us and creating more fear in our lives. Personally sitting with thoughts of bugs and the labels of such, dissolving them and returning to the beauty of the insects’ purpose in life, coexisting and no longer bothered by the buzzing bee or stinging of blood-sucking sorts. Deeper into my cavernous thought, understanding a greater picture unfolding so.

Thank you Ravyne Hawke, for inspiring the title of this piece and Christine Graves for subtitling my thoughts on human conditioning. Transmuting thought, emptying my cup — I am filled beyond understanding. Words fall short in explanation of a feeling I get when I am in this space. Loop pedal activating (A phrase used when I put a particular song on loop, while writing in this space).

Much gratitude to Diana C., jules, Ravyne Hawke, Spyder and the whole Know Thyself Heal Thyself family for sharing in thought, healing of self and encouraging each other on an inward dive to the Great Unknown.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash