Trenchant Remark

A tale of her sharpened tongue

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Photo by Dan Maisey on Unsplash

Enters Goddess thunderous returns
rustled leaves blowing torrential wind
partying rockstar slamming juice of choice
bass pumping veins vigorous flow
house special meat beat manifesto.
Music stops scratching pad
records pausing wheels of steel
lost words Aphrodite sacred spell
submitting bowing taken knee
met match burning trunk wild fire ablaze.

Greeted morning sun sharpened tongue
piercing jugular bloodletting past progression
prepared coffee bean to barley included hops
fiercely bitten tigress sensing pulse
mashed soaked oak barrels appeasing farced masses.
Time passing by global spins chaotic gale
immersed collective whole shit-storm
blinding breeze of change calling Ani Po
razors edge cutting finis deaths guaranteed
recanted breath pairing Mother’s natural hertz.

Generations pass present future
gaining Akesha’s power
chichi antiquating fifty-nine chevy
chivy heart’s song lingering
cracked open acorn’s birthing sun.
Real as present day past participle
first glance heart skipping beats
strutting rooster’s arrogant remarks
burned ice cold treachery
from beginning twas trenchant remark.

~ Ani Po

Joseph Lieungh