The Riding Days: Briefly Lost in Reminisce

Two wheels traveling down memory lane

Photo by Jan Starek on Unsplash

Boredom sets in desire and wanting, staring through the window of the showroom floor. Tabling ideas of needing anything, wanting persists. A desire that mere walking of the canines…fills not the void. Yes. Yes. We must ride.

Stepping into the candy store, sorting penny candy from king size bars. I’ll take the blue and white one!

Katana free of accidental scrape, dump, hidden cracks within the fiberglass, it is perfect. Heart-beat steady purr, like kitten content with our presence, she merely hums. Making a connection, neural bond, we are one. Neural over-ride, transmitting new agenda subconscious as if A.I. has taken over, two-wheeled mainframe taking over.

Should have listened to the council, prior to mounting two wheels topping out at 200, but stubborn we remained. The most important rule, request, promissory note followed all but one. Four-way stop, typical scenario. Left-hand turn, like a rag doll, tossed across the circus floor, the driver never saw me. No helmet, fade to black, awaken on the other side. You need to go back, much for you to do…clear!

Stubborn, ignorant, bat-shit crazy more like it. I’ll take the Red One! Building better, faster, stronger, commuting cut in half. Lowered suspension frontal drop, stage-four jet kit drops in. Modified pipe, no longer purring like a kitten, blurred images of what was, screaming all the way. Broken steed, a connection made, over-ride of greater sense. Begin downloading of no sense.

Tachometer climbing, no longer affixed on speed, desire limits end. Hunger for burying the needle, redline approaches. Enter the red, ten thousand…remaining two. Hammer down, throttles full, blasting off thrusters full. Shoulder passing, lone traveler, flying as if to the moon.

What if a pebble crosses our path? Or what if the rebar like the last ride dumped us at a slow pace, amplified by a million? At this speed, vaporized we shall be. How will I know my maker? Keep going we shall see. Glancing down, never witnessed speeds such as this. Over 240, I will stop giving the details. It was time.

No longer of sound mind, riding alone. In between traffic, shoulder bound, owning the roads, a choice was to be made. Let go, not literally, figuratively as such. Sell the bike, prince of death knocking at one’s door.

Passing time, the world closing in. Suffocating thought, returning to the candy store.

I’ll take the penny candy. Vespa if you will. Much safer and more my speed, don’t you think?! The first is crashed, totaled all the same. Think I’d learn, but hard-headed as they say. Though it was not I who crashed the first, heeded warning delayed. On to the next!

Second storage rack falls off, tiny omen presents, Ignoring messages from the other side, gunning it as if back on the track. What seemed like 200, actually 35. Freedom was mine, ego no longer regulating insecurities of size. Beep, Beep!

Watching wheels coming to halt, ignoring a stop sign, eyes affixed on their spin. Large bus, yellow in color, like the cheese we once knew. Phew, thank goodness they’ve stopped. Sike! The smell of radiator fluid covers me, sliding off the blackened bumper, eyes locking with the driver. Fade to black with words of please help me coming from my lips, scooter and self… unharmed. Large omen ignored, what forth tomorrow shall bring?

As if the day before, happy and free. Clunk; clatter, like a Car-x commercial but real. Engine seized, death’s door not served in a glass. I get it, message received, not meant to pedal or speed. Back in the four we go.

Traveling down this open road, tree-built walls, royal columns greeting thee. No longer claustrophobic, inner peace as it is. Open road, freedom, was never out there…it was always in here. Dreams of two wheels remain memories of such for the tow. Lost in a moment, grateful for this prompt…