Taking Care of Self

With the world moving at 1,000 miles per hour, our days often reflect the speed set forth. Inundated with tasks, responsibilities, things to do and stuff to accomplish. Children pulling at our pant legs, others requesting our time and the list goes on.

We could see it as a reality flying out of control or we can choose to see it as a world on fire, shifting our consciousness from out of control to in control. Even when our days are ahead of us, we can pause…reeling it back into a pace set by our own comfort level.

But there are times, even when the masterful hit the wall…unable to recover. What to do? Rest. Take a moment for self. Find a place of sacred healing and allow the physical body to catch up or gain strength.

We are continuously redefining our own reality, causing a shift in global reality. Gaining strength and passion for our desired realities. With every up there is a down, every roadblock another way…sometimes a short pause is enough for the greater picture to come into focus.

We breathe…allowing self care to pamper our soul.~Ani Po