Stepping in Gratitude

One of my favorite times of year is the week before Thanksgiving Holiday…and until about 6pm that evening. In The United States it is a time of giving thanks. A magical time where everyone seems to be happy.

One week before thanksgiving there seems to be an overwhelming feeling of joy. People who normally do not speak throughout the day, suddenly greet every passerby “Happy Thanksgiving!” While I question their sudden joy or motive behind this sudden gladness, nevertheless, I will enjoy this time of joy all around.

While I still have mixed feelings about a holiday based off a time of genocide in attempt to bring families together in joy and gladness. I will focus on gratitude and gladness, but not without thinking about pain still existing from a bloodied past.

It is my hopes that We the People come together as one family and learn to Love one another. Despite differences, past, etc. it is a time to share in Love.

While I still believe everyday is meant to be a celebration and everyday can be a holiday, my hope is that others learn this daily practice too.*Note: I say until 6pm, because in recent years we adopted another culturally accepted tradition of ‘Black Friday,’ where it is ok to leave your families and go shopping for ‘doorbuster’ sales. 

*Sigh Where is our focus?

Stepping into the Canvas with everyday as a celebration. Not reserved for one day or another, but all days. With joy in our hearts, kindness in daily interactions and Love showing us the way, we shall not be led astray.