Sharing Our Gifts

What is this gift awaiting to be freed? Shared with the world allowed to be? Each person has a dynamic gift that awaits its release. Some have identified, others still searching. Searching for their gift, the key to their happiness, to share with the world.

Why have some found IT while others still seek? Is it our thousands of distractions of the day? Inherent beliefs? Or is it merely as simple as taking stock in oneself?

This gift sought after by many, forgotten if you will, remains and always has been present in our day. We are taught to go a make something of ourselves, but focus remains on material gains.

With focus on material gains, we remain in attachment of what may be or what will become of our days forward. A continuous seeking of what may be when it is right there in front of us. Our heart speaks, asking to paint, sing, creating culinary masterpiece, but we are too busy or too head strong to hear the calling of our own heart. We remain in the 9-5, still empty, doing as we ‘ought to.’ What if we did what we want to? What if we dove into a new discovery of our current situation, creating a new space of being within the ‘ought to’ and redirecting our passion into our days? We are becoming.

Switching gears, accelerated by passion, finding ourselves with soul purpose throughout our days. What is this purpose? What does Heart desire most? Answering this question takes a little introspection, taking stock in how we interact or go about our day.

“But I am stuck.” Ok, why are you stuck? What is your current situation? How can we take one step into a different direction, changing our course and reality? Anyone can tell another how to make the changes necessary, but one must be willing to do the work towards change. Pause for a moment…think about current situation…how can I change direction with a single step? What do I want? Taking that first…congratulations! Now commit to creating a healthy habit towards change, repeating steps into forward progression.

How does it feel to do what we desire? How does it make those around us feel? Can we bring happiness to self? Can we foster happiness for others? Redirecting our steps towards our desires, we are changing our thoughts, actions and perception of the world. In our thought process and changing thought, we are creating a sacred place to share our gifts with the world. In sharing we receiving more and more of these gifts. All will be compensated…it is So.

Hold this space of being. Keeping sacred space clear of doubt, self-defeating thought, allowing growing pains to guide or light the way. In holding sacred space we are free to create, motivate and transmute all that is present in our day.

Mastering subtleties of energetic shifts in self, we are mastering our gifts…allowing growth and mastery of our days. In sharing our gifts, we are presenting an opportunity for another to embark on ‘A Hero’s Journey’ into self-mastery.

~Ani Po