Painful Bliss

Photo by Ken Cashon

Along the way, we adapt and change to new realities. Altering our steps, adopting new thought processes, accepting things as they come. Or we do not-painfully stuck in our misery.

Many years ago, recalling a conversation with Cristal, Mrs. Lieungh and personal Crystal Ball, Cristal I just called to say I love you. Not certain what comes next, but I am afraid of what tailspins off recent events. 

This came at a time of realization, the ups and downs, roller coaster ride of life events, yielded a divine dichotomy of sorts. Whenever something good happened, opposition was there to balance out things out and vice versa. 

In this moment, something so great had just happened and with recent realization, I witnessed my death in the balancing of events. Scared, as human nature goes, I call to say I Love You.

As time passed on, realities change and understanding of Universal truths change with deeper meaning.

Current reality dictates I sit with these moments, learning from their lessons, allowing me to learn and grow, keeping peaks and valleys to level out while keeping balance without extremes.

I recall going to an event, where I opened up to past traumas manifesting into physical manifestations of pain. A friend asked If I wanted help ‘diving in,’ healing these past traumas. Firmly speaking, No, I think I am to sit with this for as long as it is needed for me to gain wisdom and/ or translate this into healing form.

As we know, shadow work does not come without pain and suffering, but great wisdom often presents at the tail end of understanding these events. I state pain and suffering lightly, as I know now, personally speaking, that our pain and suffering comes from the attachment to our suffering. 

In the past couple of years, there have been moments where I did not understand the vibrations coming through, manifested pain into various parts of my body. Sitting with them, asking what I was to learn from this experience, transmuted though prevailed and lesson was gifted unto me.

Numerous healers and teachers have stated, we are not meant to suffer and we do not need to hold onto these pain-bodies. Something felt different for me and it was an internal voice who said sit with this for as long as it is needed to understand.

I did just that, often sitting in pain for numerous days outside on my patio with ‘smokey joe.’ Smokey Joe is a dear friend whom carries my prayers and thoughts to the cosmos, returning with answers once unknown to me.

Our willingness to sit with pain or bliss, merely a choice, yielding what is requested by self and allowing deeper understanding of All there Is.


Joseph Lieungh