I Can See Clearly Now

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.” Wait…it’s raining at this moment. So, how does one see clearly amidst the rain?

Dealing with our triggers of life, often referred to as shadow work, or trying to understand something at deeper levels, peeling back layers of understanding. Our reality is based on current beliefs and our clarity of life is or is not clouded by thoughts of our current belief system.

Sitting in the rain can be comforting or the opposing, depending on one’s attachment to what is good or bad per se. Wandering mind leading to what we cannot do or lack of sun…fearing that we cannot survive in this very moment, we are left in a gloomy state of being.

Some might say the rain can affect one’s psyche, triggering moodiness, or gloominess. Maybe this is true? Or maybe it is a reflection of one’s belief system? There is data that suggests that the weather can affect one’s mood, while other data suggests it is merely a mirroring effect: what a person thinks or feels is what the experience may be.

Is there also a possibility of a collective consciousness happening? Meaning…a region attracts certain thoughts, while everyone is influenced by these thoughts. Every moment of the day is regulated by these collective thoughts. Even weather patterns can reflect these thoughts.

A thousand people meditating on Love or Peace, collectively changing the present moment of fear-based thought process. Mastering one’s thoughts, collectively contributing to ‘The Field’ of consciousness, potentially altering or enhancing the collective whole.

What about the beliefs others have? Whether religious, spiritual, political, everyday events. How can one be on the same page as another? Willingness or openness to accepting another path on this road of life. Many roads leading to a similar destination, whether one sees this or not…it is true. We are all heading in the same direction. But where does this path lead? That is another time and discussion.

For now…our understanding is what it is. Today, we have sat pondering within the rain…only to have foreign ideas, from years past, come to understanding with deeper ‘knowing’ of things.

With our willingness to be present, allowing varying beliefs to surface, practicing non-attachment to ‘All’ things, accepting The Great Mystery of it all, we come to a place of deeper clarity…singing “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.”

~Ani Po

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