Ever-Lasting Life

Change is all around us, constantly moving new realities. It is our human species who gets stuck in concept of change. We fight over evolution versus creation, change or stagnant beliefs. For it is our stagnant belief superiority over another…through our teachings or our beliefs. Merely an illusion of self and our own reality of change.

Those who embrace change are at the pinnacle of ever-lasting life. Those who refuse change live a painful death…Ani Po

For it is in the very essence of evolution and change we give birth to new ideas or realities. Without new ideas there are no new realities or understanding. Remain stuck in a belief and our reality remains as it is believed. Allow it to change with the natural progression of the Universe and we are forever changing in the grand spectrum of reality.

The thoughts still remain from a response of being ‘doomed for all eternity.’ It is my humble opinion It is self-inflicted…not given to us by any other means but through the self-defeating thoughts. We are not doomed by universal forces but by self-defeating thoughts of nowhere to turn.

everlasting life