Elysium Fields

Elysian Fields

caught in a special moment of time

We met at the cabin, where we’d gather and drive together through the backwoods to a select, secret resort town named Elysian Fields. A place rumored to invite incoming Gods to be extra stellar, beyond world-like views.

Going through the backwoods like we always did, meeting slippery gravel roads. I would never have believed the next part unless I saw it from the outside. Somehow it was my turn to get out to make sure they would make it, or I needed to push, not sure why, but as Don began slipping and sliding, he accelerated to assure his moment kept going.

Simultaneously we all thought it was no longer a road but a small river. The ice kept breaking, at first thinking, it was only spotty frozen puddles, the ice broke, and the vehicle was gone.

With lights still on, I could see that Don and the family were still flowing down the river. They emerged from underwater briefly only to fall through the ice once more. They did this at least ten more times, like an amusement ride. What appeared to be accidental, we would soon find it deliberately planned. As the momentum began to slow, the car found it more challenging to keep going.

Now atop the ice again, unable to move, the car was spinning its wheels. I ran to give a push, but the ice broke, and the car stalled. Cole explains, “Oh man, now we’re going to get wet.” The car began to fill, and everyone was able to get out safely.

We went to a house, which happened to be 100 yards away from the incident. We walked right into the home as the door was wide open. As we looked around, startled by ninja-like footsteps, the residents surprised appeared from the shadows.

“Need a tow truck? We can call you a tow truck while you wait for your clothes to dry and your bellies are filled.”

They served us the most amazing fish, in which I had never tasted something so delicious before. I used to think perch or walleye were the tastiest until I tried grouper, but this, this was something special. It was salmon but tasted like something else. Not quite sure what it was.

Bill, the master of the house, called a friend with a particular tow truck, but it was unavailable. As he began to speak quieter, I could barely make out that they were sending a ‘special’ tow truck. As we learned it was a special rig and would take approximately two days to get here, they offered us their home.

“You are welcome to stay until the truck gets here and your car is pulled from the river and fixed.”

Unanimously it was decided we would stay. Realizing that our gear was still in the car, I knew better to get my backpack, which had all my electronics. As I approached the half-sunken auto, climbing in, grabbing the bags out, the car began to move. The car began to move as soon as I threw the last bag to shore.

With the raging river pulling at the body of our 1984 Chevrolet impala wagon, as if it were a rag doll, I quickly grabbed the bumper as if I was going to stop the car from moving.

Unfortunately, I could not keep it from moving, but strangely I was able to keep it from sinking deeper into the river. Floating down a quarter-mile, I came to a clearing that looked like a boat launch. I tried to steer it in but was losing hold. Just then, four people emerged, as if emerging from the river, and suddenly, with their help, we had lifted the car out. Noticing they were fishing, I apologized for interrupting their fishing.

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

“No worries! We were doing the annual Salmon run. It is a tradition here, and we all come to this place to give special thanks to these special creatures.”

One of the boys was shucking corn, but it wasn’t normal corn. The stalks looked more like sugar cane stalks, and the corn was already soft like it came from a can of creamed corn. They baited their lines with this special corn. Jimmy was using a folding buck knife to cut the corn from the stalks, and they tied it to the lines.

They asked if I wanted to see something special. I complied. Throwing some corn into the water, these massive salmon appeared to eat this special corn. Noticing they were not fishing for them, as they did not have hooks on.

Learning later, it was bad luck to kill one of these creatures. They only eat salmon that has given itself to them for consumption. It was a great honor for the salmon to give its life to them. These people were not killing or fishing for sport; they did not even have to catch them. The salmon gave of themselves so that they could survive.

Now, this is where the magic became obvious. As the salmon were swimming by to eat the corn, it appeared that pigs were emerging from the water, climbing a beautiful deck that was purposefully placed. These pigs walked up the deck and pooled around the people. What appeared to be bows or collars around their necks, Jimmy said it was a tracking system.

As I wondered how these pigs were getting out of the water, I realized these pigs were the salmon, and they were coming on land to be with the people as one. It was a great honor to be in the presence of these creatures, but it was an even greater honor when they gave of their life.

Just as I thought this, one of them turned over onto their back, exposing its belly, transitioning into the place of the unknown.

“Hooray, you have been chosen!”

The locals told me what an honor it was that she chose me, splitting herself in half, exposing this beautiful flesh. Reminiscent of the salmon we ate at our host’s home, I knew what we had eaten. These salmon were special indeed as they were swimming pigs! Or half salmon, half pig, not sure, but things were finally beginning to make sense.

When I returned to the house, everyone was having the most amazing time, as if we had just found our long-lost relatives. Either we knew them for eternity, or this (our) family was under some spell.

Recalling the drive here, nobody remembered it except they got stuck. Remembering everything, stating they went underwater nearly a dozen times, they all laughed at me like it was a dream. Was I going crazy, or were they still asleep? Realizing I had been the only one awaken at the time, they must have been sleeping.

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

Somehow I found myself back on a boat in Florida, where I was two weeks ago on a fishing adventure.

Meeting a few newer faces, I introduced myself. When I passed my friend Matt, he held out his hand as if meeting for the first time.

“HI, I’m Matt.”

Matt, we know each other.

He had no idea who I was.

Was I dreaming? Was I dreaming of the first time when I first met Matt? What is happening? How is all of this happening?

Then I remember the ‘Coal Bundle.’ A friend gave me a coal bundle. He told me to do whatever I needed to do with this coal bundle, and I would know what that was.

Instantaneously knowing what I was to do with this bundle, coming from ‘the sacred fire’ and giving millions of people to share their intentions with the universe, I just knew my next steps.

Just then, I realized that I had placed the bundle into the fire at the cabin, changing everything-waking everyone up!

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash