Bubbles Burst

We search the whole world for truth, clinging to what appears to be real. We find something resonates with us and we feel it as absolute. Do we really know what is real?

Born into a world of many truths. What was once an absolute dissolves into another memory of falsities. We seek and find another truth, knowing it to be true. Only to find out their is a deeper truth.

Connected at a deeper level, observing billions of other absolutes, knowing there is only one absolute.

Witnessing pain and suffering, others seeking to find peace, clinging to whatever brings joy to their being. We are seekers and desire purpose, but what is that purpose?

Found at a personal level creating a reality that fits the day or season of our Canvas. The Great Canvas ebbs and flows, changing continuously, spinning and recreating thought at micro and macro-cosmic levels.

Creating and recreating our reality to fit our needs in this moment in time until we run out of answers, no longer knowing what is real. We can stay in our reality, stuck in a reality that is not limited but infinite possibilities await.

Continue to believe that this is the way and it is no longer the way. Letting go of having to have all the answers and we shall know absolute. Accepting variability within the Canvas and observe the varying colors in awe.

Even these very words written upon a page, whose reality is this? Is it absolute? Can we have an answer via a question of uncertainty? We smile, knowing that this moment in time is as it is supposed to be.

In this moment in time we are able to create our days with great thought. Our internal world mirrors outwardly, changing and influencing the outer realms as we remain balanced in self.

I am you, you are me, we are thee Three in One.~Ani Po