A Place of No Words

There is a place in all of us, a place without words. No thoughts, judgments or emotions…we just are. Observing ‘all there is’ we are a part of it all. Let us start the day in a space of knowing, giving and receiving simultaneously, in gratitude.

I have always known this concept of being in oneness, but still get reminders of how easy it is for the days to knock us out of our special place. We never really leave this place, but we forget about it. A simple nudge, reminder or awe-inspired moment, returns us to this place.

Recently I found myself in a circle of friends whom I have never met. We all came to the circle with personal baggage, but at the end of the night held hope that our burdens have lightened. Resisting to help another in this circle, allowing the others to process their own realities. In allowing, we are giving an ability for others to receive on a deeper level. Their own personal strength, joy and happiness become authentic and free. Self actualized we go about our days with a greater confidence, receiving a greater perspective.

In this circle I saw much pain, many reasons about why we should fall into a place of ‘the masses.’ We are not bound by this conditioning, we are free to choose to do this or that.

As our own healing begins emotions are shed, heat rises against us…purifying our souls. In a place of wetless waters, sweating without actually perspiring, speaking without actually speaking a word, listening without telling another to do, we are healed.

Speaking to a friend, a new friend whom I had not yet met before, referring to me as the philosopher, he said “you are very philosophical.” What does that mean I thought for a moment, but then explained to him we are all philosophers, we are the philosophers stone.

In our own healing, taking back our truths, we come to a place of knowing. Instilling our beliefs not through words but through our daily actions. We see things differently then the rest, we see them as the same. Seeing as one we infuse our beliefs into the greater whole of humanity, allowing others to heal around us.

Inside the ‘philosophers stone’ lay laughter and awe. It resides in all of us, waiting for our reception of its call. We all have it, we all have the ability of this authenticity of being who we came here to be. No matter what happens around us, we hold onto to this special place. A place without authority…a place of no words.

I am grateful for the friendly reminders of the day, circles I have sat in and those which are coming. For in these special spaces we are healed. As we heal others around us heal, reaching our families, communities…the world.

Stepping into the Canvas with new vision. Like projectors in our eyes, we blink a new reality into existence. Through strength and Love, Love and strength, we go confidently into the world ‘wholly.’ No words spoken, nothing more to see…we merely experience with new sight of what possibilities await our step.