Changing Habits, Maintaining Happiness

Morning coffee always warms my heart, with new songs presented by a chorus of birds, chimes playing along and a heart-felt gratitude within. A realization of new pattern of being presents itself. Is this a new habit forming?

We are told to have routines, schedules and things that bring us joy. Is it possible these same routines set in stone are the very things bringing us misery? It is great when all things go as planned, but what if they do not?

These current times surely have pushed many boundaries, creating new routines for many, with uncertainty and fear of what may be. New routines create themselves: sleeping in later lacking motivation to work from home, going for numerous walks throughout the day to avoid cabin fever, eating snacks or stockpiled food items because we were coerced into hoarding food and supplies.

But what is it really? What creates habits and can we sustain our own happiness with new routine?

Creating new habits that bring joy is what experts say to do, but does it work? Does it fail? Why does it work or fail? It brings joy when it works but attached outcomes returning back to misery. Maybe or maybe not…I am no expert.

I am no exception. I find new routines, new habits daily and yes with times of irritation when my apple cart gets turned over. It does get easier, with mindfulness of our days, actions of the same. We are present, observant of what may or may not be. When things go as planned we go about our days. When things do not go as planned, it presents an opportunity for change. Changing ones footing upon the ground they walk, changing ones’ sail to catch the wind of possibility, alter words spoken to and fro and wherever one may go.

So whether we change our habits for betterment of self or not, the attachment to outcome is a key component to happiness. Let go of outcome, focusing on happiness and the day will present a new habit of thought and change…no strings attached (If this, then that mindset).

Does one have to do anything? No…not at all. Caution: doing nothing can bring boredom and unless one is at peace with stillness may bring about insanity. With a little practice our attachment to things and doing changes course to ‘being’ and pure ‘abundance’ of all things.

What do these times bring into thought for you? Do you dwell on the nature of destruction and fear of all things? Or do you seek out the good in all things?

Challenge for the day: Seek out one thing positive for the day. It cannot be gratitude for kids, breath, waking up or morning coffee. While these are great starts, I invite you to look deeper into the mystery of things. Can you find one positive thing from All There Is?

Second part of the challenge: please release impulse to share all things that bring more fear. Spread joy and kindness and maybe we can find a new routine to foster Happiness.

Today I breathe in all there is, releasing attachment to what may or may not be; I breathe out knowing All There Is is within me and a greater knowing of truth is waiting for me.

I sit sipping morning coffee, giving thanks for present day, places traveled, people witnessed everyday and encounters just the same. Setting intention to bring awareness to every step, sharing new habits of choice to another, listening to Great Mystery with Joy deep within my Heart.

~Ani Po