Waking to Darkness of the Days

Waking to Darkness of the Days

Pain giving birth to new light

Photo by Kenneth Kuan on Unsplash

Waking to darkness of the days
Day in day out
Rest here
Sit quietly in the pain of given birth
A new day has dawn
A day of lighter and brighter
It is in our thoughts we receive
Thoughts we let go
Yet again
And again

Waking to darkness of our days
New light shines forth
Brighten skies await our gaze
New Canvas our brush
Luscious fervor reflection
Come to the waters
On shores of sea
Cosmic proportions
For you and me

~Ani Po

There was a time when I would rise to darkness daily. Not pitch black with absence of light in literal sense, but a more internal head-space sort of way. Uncertain if it was my own despairing thoughts or a collective gathering of thoughts from outside forces.

Regardless of when or where these thoughts were acquired, they had to be dealt with. If not, there was a numbing sense throughout my day, causing the world to slowly move in pain-staking ways.

Took many years for me to become aware of my thoughts (collective or self-inflicted), bringing me out of joy and happiness. Every morning began with me on the ledge, having a conversation with myself, giving myself a pep talk about how bright it was going to be.
The thoughts may creep in occasionally, but my ability to excuse these thoughts (not dismiss them) comes with greater ease. I have learned to see the greatness in everyday, small or grandiose miracles, allowing me to bathe in excitation, happiness and pure love.
How did I get here? Was it my self-talks of having made up every word, every thought, and scenario in my head? Regardless, I am more conscious of the thoughts I choose to focus on. Again, I am not dismissing the thoughts, merely acknowledging them and moving on to brighter pastures.
Years pass, and now I see where these thoughts have come from. We are surrounded by destruction and despairing thoughts, robbing us of seeing the beauty hidden in plain sight.

This poem, was written years ago and has a different meaning for me. What does it mean to you today?

Thank you Diana C., jules, Ravyne Hawke, Spyder, George Blue Kelly and the whole Know Thyself Heal Thyself family for sharing these words.

When I was done pulling these words onto the page, I realized I had not had any music playing in the background, merely a reflective voice hovering about. “I didn’t have any music playing.” or did I have it playing the whole time, just deep within my soul? Upon this conclusion, I hear “the pain still grows” and I am reminded of In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. Truly, I have been waiting for this moment all my life.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Blue Whispered Shades of Inspiring Thoughts

Blue Whispered Shades of Inspiring Thoughts

Buried in the orange — collectively gathered clay

Photo by Patrice Bouchard on Unsplash

Looking to the skies — blue whispered shades
inspiring thoughts embodying reflective beauty
of souls before — openness blanketing self — greater
is the Canvas when actively participating in the mysteries.

Calling to sacred winds — singing reverberating sounds — inner
beauty intertwining with past, present and future self — outer
gazing thoughts — words in between sentences
terms of self-agreeing, never fleeting ways.

Looking to Mother Earth — deep-rooted songs
of painful memories buried in the orange — collectively gathered
clay of filth hardly fertile grounds — cultivating
mixing the decaying words into flourishing fashion.

Calling to ancestors — walking, kissing the Earth
in gentle steps of heartfelt tranquility — there for all to see
vulnerability and often misperceived notions —
accepting the way as the only way we know.

Standing amidst the Rainbow Bridge — between past and future
participles with devoted behaviors to all there is — once again climbing
from the wretches of strangles hold — dying
internal struggles are transforming for all to witness.

Within the spaces of unknown — dashes between timelines
and chapters’ memories of life — gaining glimpses
of future tense — accepting the letting go
of everything before and everything in between.

Where is this source of knowing — intuition, internal guidance?
Out there, in the Canvas of Life — collectively experiencing
hurt and healing — colliding bondage with bandage aiding
and abetting lights are passing the flame.

~ Ani Po

Photo by Kathy Bostrack, capturing a favorite place to rest

When jules shared her prompt on a favorite color, it was a difficult choice ( not really), for I have always been drawn to the blues and oranges of life. Whether it is my split way of seeing the world, both sides of a broken wheel, or a deep-rooted meaning of each color.

Orange being the seat of intuition, housed in the sacral chakra, carrying passion beyond this world. Untapped, unrefined, taking us into a dark place of depression. Embracing the energies, taming the feelings associated with, creativity and deeper understanding of all our pain and suffering presents itself.

Blue as the skies and deepest of seas, opening space for more inspirational knowing of all the Canvas of Life has to offer. Housed in the throat, colored thoughts vanishing themes, speaking truths for the first time with depth and sensitivity to the collective whole.

Sitting with these gathered thoughts, in between the words — awaiting interpretation. As Diana C. offered another prompt to seek ideas from the in between, inviting us to witness the process to where our voice is housed.

Thank you both for a ponderous week, sitting with creative energies and sharing with those whom I encountered. Continued gratitude for the editors @jules, Diana C., Spyder, George Blue Kelly, and Ravyne Hawke, who keep us flowing in a greater possibility of self.

At the inception of this writing, loop pedal was activated, with Shpongle asking When Shall I be Free.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder, and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and, more importantly, the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash