Seeking the Lesson

Photo by Ken Cashon

Or is it Seeking me?

Sitting quietly in sacred space, allowing energetic feelings and thought, poetic flow in and or out of possibility, real-life tranquility or made up false, dreamlike state of reckoning, beckoning call of spirit’s kiss, just sitting with pondered thought, seeking lesson and meaning of such.

Flying the Hawk, energetic messenger taking flight, directional notation, carrying significance, simply observing messengers perched beak position. Together winging it, open heart channeled epistle, felt encapsulated grounding, centering, deducing life’s existence. East or West, directional shift, fantasy-driven realities, emotional well-being at play, roosting once again, sit and pondering we are.

The beaten path, forced thinking, self-inflicted, collective whole. Minding battlefield, right, left, logical, creative forces at hand. Heart-felt intuition, heightened senses activation, ratiocination devouring, consuming days, yielding awareness, a likeness of yogis, deep sense, deep space actuality, seek and ye shall find.

Cracked open chest, pouring heart’s song into the ether, open book, journal of old, once-over lessons learned, past, present, and future tense. Caravansary, pitching tents paradoxical, transfigured cerebration, always a lesson to be had, learned seeking consumed by admonition, self-imploding, paralleled reality, a broken tree branch falling upon your ride.

Seeking lesson, lesson seeking me? Yet again, questions residing, side-by-side dwelling place, dividing hemispheres, bridging gaps, and expansiveness returns. Awareness key unlocking Great Mystery, observing moment-by-moment, a playbook from beyond, Stepping into the Canvas we are.

Numbers of angelic response, repeating denominators abound, every step outlined by a mathematical equation, astrological response, psychic reading of the mind, and deep within the cards. Restless summers, nightly travels in and out varying dimensions, winters blanketed shadow moon.

Written upon our hearts, mind unable to read, scribbled bits on line-ruled realities, sharing thoughts for healing collective, Band-Aided full recovery, poetic flow captivating soul, we are becoming. Seek and Ye Shall Find, Knock and the Door shall open, cliché, apropos, life’s hyperbole, sense and sensibility, unearthed, unknown to where this is all going.

Likewise, where the Fuck is this writing taking me? ~Author Unknown*

Simple trust, make-believe, authored self-inflicted reality, once again, repeated message, song singing through. Social distortion, cosmic consummation, quill re-writing, reverberation, vibratory thought seeking you.

~ Ani Po