Every Day Worthy of the Risk

Poetic Response

Every Day Worthy of the Risk

Love-based guiding light

Photo by Bryan Hanson on Unsplash

These steps pure as morning daisies,
loves kiss upon directional pulling thought
the action-based reality, transforming organically
effortlessly, continuous poet in motion.

Not their cup of tea — for one, maybe three
what is right, wronged by another’s belief
shaming, punishment by death — perpetual tickle
banished to an island — not even an option.

Years passing toadstools begging for a glance
two left feet furthermore not even a chance
hands and knees beseeching just one dance
finally giving up — they come around too late.

Little one’s pitter-patter across the floor
divide and conquer beginning course
self-sacrifice, death-do-us-part — of a bigger whole
one day meet again under the sycamore tree.

Off they run, flying away, emptiness’ saturation point
filling this heart of mine with warmth returning near
collective-sacrifice, born-again amidst the stars
there we are, fleeting debate — union formed once more.

Two hearts beating — carrying slightly variant
yet similar in tune, risk-takers, and rump-shakers
worldly-sacrifice, analogous in daily expressions
one is requesting time of the other, dropping everything — lovely.

~ Ani Po

Photo by Dušan veverkolog on Unsplash

I sat with this prompt, allowing the dance to commence. So many sacrifices made in the name of love, failing or not, it was as it was supposed to be. Not all morning daisies, especially when the children arrived.

Yet, we share a common dance, self-sacrifice, collective-tune, occasional stepping of the toes. Beaten pillows, cursing my name, witnessing her death blindly without her knowing.

There have been risks, cliff-hangers quite literally, answering her phone call as if it was the last. Again, quite literally, actually repeating that phrase, is it poetic, twas meant to be placed quite literally, a thousand examples of risking the death of a heartbeat shared collectively.

My apologies for the prose and poetic continuation, meant to be a seriousness of descriptor and possible decoder ring as Marcus would say, uncertain if it was a deliberate malfunction, failing to turn off the dance, or merely a deliberate act of taking a risk, knowing I might fail regarding matters of love.

I chose the Tapir photo deliberately, symbolizing having to choose between false-self and being true to self, no matter the outcome or fate, whilst remaining highly inventive, innovative, and taking necessary chances.

Thank you Diana C. for holding such sacred space in KTHT and Riku Arikiri for this lovely prompt.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Both Sides of the Same Coin

Poetic response

Both Sides of the Same Coin

Choosing between right and wrong

Photo by Louis Maniquet on Unsplash

“At the level of humanness, we see right and wrong as guide markers. At what point or level do we no longer see right and wrong?”

At first glance, we tiff with a cat, not so cool at that
fighting over the day to day monstrosities creating man
gender neutrality name is given above, and plural sense, all thereof
defining moments of love and despair, conceptually foreign to the aware.

Step back, maybe two, two sides to every coin presenting a choice
between heads or tails, positive or negative, divine dichotomies ever-present
chosen one-sided, always given names as boldly placed upon one’s tomb
from death do us part, intrinsic beliefs until forgotten way comes forth.

Further back we go, time centuries passing by, maybe to the moon
or nearby planetary alignment, sitting upon a star gazing
downward earthly appearance as miraculous than ever —
not seen up close, but farther back we go.

Yin within the yang and yang within the yin, sacred feminine within the masculine and vice versa per se. Accepting the whole as dichotomies fusing realities of future tense, past participle, present be — at the moment holding joy and sorrow in each hand.

Pleasure bodies becoming painfully absorbed by good equally bad memories, thought processes turning sad into happy. Splitting magnetic poles yielding mini versions, pulling forces — negative to positively and back again guilty one choosing dichotomy feeling right or wrong to the touch — heartfelt guidance never fails.

Surrounded by heaven and hell, story-lines truth-telling secrets hidden in plain sight, human-made conceptual design of dividing and conquering a fear of self-made god or goddess — love pouring from our souls.

Black or white as taught by our generations, further back yet, ancestral knowledge coming to fruition, greyer than anything dissolving the idea of binary poles have equal or lesser value. Purpose of One is the purpose of all.

~Ani Po

Photo by Margot RICHARD on Unsplash

This prompt idea has been on my mind for quite some time, organically forming a discussion with my Uncle. He began pointing out Evil Spirits in the world, especially about certain individuals we both know. Being taught good and evil, pondering that internal moral compass that often leads the way, I am reminded of Einstein being quoted “I want to think as God thinks.”

Pondering this, observing the current state of America, the world, my home town, my familial setting, pretty much everything around me, what if it is all as it is supposed to be. Two sides to the same coin, the yin within the yang?

Expanding my consciousness to viewing from space, observing the world. What a beautiful world we live in and how different it would be missing anything from the mix of divine dichotomies.

Asking my Uncle, what if there is no good or bad, merely circumstances which yield equal consequences upon self? Meaning, what if with every action there is a counteraction? Cause and effect?

Smiling as he asked, then what is it?

You just said it. It Is. It just is.

I know we had discussed this on Know Thyself Heal Thyself before, or at least alluded to there being a right or wrong answer. There “Just Is.” What if it goes beyond words on a publication wall? What if it is greater than self? What if we come to a place of knowing It just is?


Granted, I am not trying to denounce the evil in the world or praise the good. I am merely inviting an observation of sorts on both sides of the coin, remaining balanced with all energies. Is our elevation of frequencies the welcoming of “all” within the all?

Denouncing labels and all things associated with, we come to simpler terms: he fell into a bad way, unfortunate circumstance, he is receiving what he puts out; the rewards are unfolding for this person, they are a creative soul, they are an inspiring nature. Explaining through a circumstance versus a belief of one thing is this or that — instead, they just are.

What if our understanding is turned upside down? What if we now see from different angles? Was our previous belief false? Or was it merely true to our understanding?

I invite you to share your thoughts on this prompt. Please feel free to tag me when you do.

At the level of humaness, we see right and wrong as guide markers. At what point or level do we no longer see right and wrong?”

Thank you Diana C. for holding such a great space for all.

When I came up with the above prompt, it was clear where my mind was (at least I think so). Take a look at this piece, as I feel it could be paralleled in thought while inviting us to further our journey inward. Deep diving into self, discovering yet more truths hidden from us before.

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow the inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared, and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash