Clear my Soul

My past lingering

Shadows of night

Come forward

Mirrored thought

In streets of wherever-be


Clear my Soul


Sadness and remorse

No regret

As it Was to be

Present day

Cleansing Spirit delivers me


Clear my Soul


Glad tidings

Ships sailing in

Precious cargo

Dispersed to neighboring


To the stars


Clear my Soul


Heart open-wide

Big as Drogon

Hath given me

Arms open as Heart leads way

Deliver me AS I AM TO BE.

Clear my Soul.

~Ani Po

Travelling the World, Returning to Kindness

Whether actually travelling the world or joining in smaller groups…anger still resides. Still much healing is needed in our world. Locally, globally, self or collective whole…we are all hurting.

In a world of turmoil and chaos, Love and Kindness is needed more than ever.

The truth is Love and hatred cannot exist without the other, but which one fills our day is our personal choice. Whether taught to hate or instinctively snap at another, through triggers of past trauma or ancestral or whatever. Regardless we can choose kindness.

I AM SORRY, for I am guilty of saying offensive jokes, making another the brunt of a joke, pointing a finger at persons with pink hair. Did I know any better? Not at all. I grew up in the culture to poke fun at another, showing my superiority. Little did I know how small I was. No more.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME, If I have wronged you in any way. Whether past, present or if in future I do not align with your realities. In the past I fought people for our differences, cursed them and saw them as enemy. Tears in my eyes as it continues in the world today. Noogise.

THANK YOU for showing me The Way. Guiding me down a darkened alleyway or presenting in bright lit streets, both leading to a deeper place within my soul. I will guard my lips, broaden my ears, open my Heart for those remaining in hate. I will find gratitude in my days, no longer mirroring the anger and hate. No Mas.

I LOVE YOU. My heart bleeds as the neighbor speaks. My heart bleeds that we can no longer walk hand in hand. My Heart bleeds as your own bleeds. I love you for who you are and with each new day I see it getting brighter and brighter. Ikke mer.

Again, this is an invitation to practice Ho’oponopono prayer throughout your day. Hidden in these words is a cry for peace, loving kindness, as we seek self-awareness, self-betterment, global as the self.

~Ani Po